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September/October 2002

The infamous rattlesnake, as painted by John Green, appeared on our most controversial cover.


Valley of Springs: Wessington Springs is animated by spirits present and past.

Saving McKennan Park: Sioux Falls' historic neighborhood is ten blocks of tranquility.

Double Exposure of the Custer Expedition: A writer and a photographer revisit the 1874 trail.

Seven Nights in Black Hills Bars: Night has always brought out color in the Black Hills.

Friend or Foe?: Killed on sight for decades, prairie rattlesnakes persist.

Back in the Saddle Again: For 36 years, the Buck-a-roos have ridden the West River range.

The Spring at Astoria: People come from near and far to sample the pristine waters of Jorstad Spring.

Political Gambler: Sioux Falls' Kay Davis drew barbs and praise.

River WhalesSnagging paddlefish from the Missouri.

2002 Hall of Fame: Fifteen South Dakotans who have made a difference.




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