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September/October 2006

Black Hills artist Ray Tysdal has developed a niche in wildlife photography. He isolates his subject, like this young deer, with careful focus afield and a unique process in the darkroom.


Black & White Beauty: Ray Tysdal's wildlife photography colors the imagination.

The Making of 'Dakota Territory': Why our territorial history came from Yale University.

Belle Fourche — Cowboys & More: Free spirits (even hatmakers) are discovering the Butte County cow town.

Milbank's Cheesemakers: How a Grant County community scored a Montana cheese plant.

Coming Home From Vietnam: Here's how the war affected seven South Dakotans.

Our First Beauty Queen: Miss Mary Davis of Huron had "the perfect measurements."

Hemingway's Secret Hunt: The story of Papa's Wentworth pheasant hunting adventure.

Tractors Anchor Men To The SoilWill today's farmers be as passionate about rubber and iron?

Hall of Fame Honorees: Fifteen South Dakotans who have made this a better state.

South Dakota Book Festival: A guide to the 2006 literary event held in Sioux Falls.




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