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09:01 am - Mon, October 28 2013
Heidi said:
This is really neat! Allen is preserving a very important part of our ag history, especially in an age of auto-steer equipment and GPS yield mapping.
08:48 am - Sat, November 2 2013
Karen Buckels said:
Memories of harvest time in South Dakota are very dear to many of us that have since moved away from the area. This makes me homesick for that time in my life when farmers owned smaller equipment, put in a long hard day but loved every minute of it. Thank you for these memories, so many of the pictures look so familiar to me.
05:43 pm - Wed, November 6 2013
Evonne said:
Allen Severtson wondering if this is my husband Allan Meinerts old tractor. Looks exactly like his he says,
04:57 pm - Sat, November 9 2013
anonymous said:
From Allen to another Allan the tractor is one in the same - hope you enjoyed the pictures because I sure enjoy the tractor:)
02:45 pm - Mon, October 27 2014
Nancy Finzen said:
What a surprise to open the magazine and see my brother!!!! Had to check out the web page. Love it!!!! Dad is smile'n from above!!! Wonderful!!!!!

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