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Tractors on parade at Madison's Prairie Village. Photo courtesy of the South Dakota Department of Tourism.
Tractors on parade at Madison's Prairie Village. Photo courtesy of the South Dakota Department of Tourism.

South Dakota Web Roundup

Jun 1, 2012

Trails, treasure hunts and wild desserts — Saturday is National Trails Day, so check the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website for a family-friendly hiking opportunity at a state park near you. 

Custer-area hikers can get an extra-close look at the world’s largest sculpture in progress at the 27th annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch. The Black Hills chapter of the American Volksport Association expects over 10,000 people to make the 6.2 mile trek up and down the mountain. 

Who knew you needed shoes to go barefoot running? Daryl Stisser recommends them for avoiding animal droppings on your way to the Mickelson Trail, "perhaps the best place in the world to start barefoot running." 

Tractors of all shapes, colors and sizes are welcome at the South Dakota Ploughing Association’s Tractor Ride this Saturday at Prairie Village near Madison. For the tractorless, there’ll be the usual Prairie Village fun — steam driven carousel rides, rug making demonstrations, a chance to ride the train and more.

Explore Dakota Territorial transportation history at the Yankton Dakota Territorial Museum's Riverboats, Roads and Rails event tomorrow from 10-4. Wheel-loving kids will be in heaven, with chances to win prizes in Freddy the Fur Trader’s Scavenger Hunt, examine vintage automobiles, watch a model railroad in action and meet local firemen. If you’re there between noon and 2 pm, stop in the Hovden Log Cabin to see yours truly demonstrate her knitting prowess in a suitably rustic and historic setting. Just don’t ask me about railroad history, ok? 


01:05 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
Heidi said:
Laura, will you be in a costume?
01:20 pm - Fri, June 1 2012
Laura said:
I'm afraid not. My grandmother's pioneer lady outfit from the 1961 Dakota Territory Centennial celebration is too small, and I can't go as a yarn-savvy French fur trader, stagecoach driver or grizzled old prospector because I gave away all the beards I've knitted. I apologize in advance for the disappointment.

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