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A 2011 pasque in bloom, as seen by Christian Begeman.
A 2011 pasque in bloom, as seen by Christian Begeman.

South Dakota Web Roundup

Mar 9, 2012

Ok, maybe it's too early for flowers — even our own delightful pasque — but with the geese honking overhead and the lovely weekend weather, aren't you feeling ready for a little more green in the landscape? Perhaps you're feeling the gardening itch. Karl Schmidt of Sustainable Dakota Digest recently wrote about starting seeds indoors, and he already has a few little green shoots to show for his efforts. 

Ice skating season is coming to an end. The Yankton Area Ice Association is hosting its spring figure skating show “Skating Through Time” at the 4H Pine Acres Kiwanis Ice Arena this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. A lot of hard work and planning goes into events like this, and I have a great admiration for the organizers.  

Banjos will be ringing out at the March Unplugged Music Performance Showcase (or MUMPS for short) at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City this weekend. Acoustic and bluegrass musicians are performing to raise money for the Black Hills Bluegrass Festival in June.

Mitchell's Dakota Discovery Museum will be hosting “Poetry for All People” on Saturday, featuring readings by Bruce Roseland of Seneca and Suzanne Sunshower of Scotland, plus open mike time for poets in the audience. 

The South Dakota Home Cooking group on Facebook is a good place to share recipes and ask for advice. Perhaps I should consult with them about the tavern problem I've been having. 


02:19 pm - Sat, March 10 2012
Jim said:
If the weather stays like this the pasque may arrive early this year. Anyone who wants to view them should be checking the snow free hills in the next few weeks. Right now is a good time to start pepper seeds indoor, they take a long time to germinate. Not being afraid to garden prematurely I may try a short row of radish spinach or chard. All are cold tolerant and if we are lucky the garden may produce a month earlier than last year.
12:30 pm - Sun, March 11 2012
Bar B Ques, Sloppy Joe's, Taverns, ??? Are there other names for these sandwiches? I think in the Yankton area they're called "Taverns"...Where I grew up in Minn. Bar B Ques...I've had some Bar B Ques I just couldn't eat...terrible...others delicious.... Seems to be lots of variations and recipes. I'd love to make Bar B Ques like our old school cook could...Here at home Mary makes Bar B Ques and adds Chicken Gumbo Soup....they're good...but not like Mrs. Erickson's Bar B Ques...back in our "school days"..I wish I had her recipe, but she probably made such a large quantity there was no recipe...just the "way" she "always" made-em.

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