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Winner! Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Dec 18, 2014

Let's see if we can stump you with a quick Whereizzit contest! Trent Preszler took this photo somewhere in South Dakota. Here's a hint: the shed is somehow connected to a local food-growing program.

To win, be the first person to correctly identify the location or name the small town that is nearby. You'll win a free gift subscription which you can keep for yourself or award to anyone you wish! Good luck.

Looks like you need a few extra clues!
Clue #1: Let's cut the state in half. This scene was found West River. 
Clue #2: Ok, let's try quarters. Focus your efforts north of I-90. 
Clue #3: It's on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. 

We have a winner! Three, actually — Gary Wilson of Volga, his daughter Jessica, and their atlas guessed La Plant. Trent Preszler took this photo on Highway 212 at the Sam D. Horse Community Center, where they're working on a food and garden project called "La Plant Grows Its Own Food." Good luck in the next growing season, Dewey County gardeners, and thanks to all who participated in our contest!


12:34 pm - Thu, December 18 2014
Charlie Richardson said:
Just guessing here after reading your hint. Is that near Clark, SD where the potato processing plant was?
07:44 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Melanie Clark said:
I think that's out somewhere between White Owl and Red Owl.
08:26 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Ed Goss said:
I'd Give Phillip a chance. think they do or used to grown tomatoes
09:20 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Cindy Reaper said:
Cottonwood. Because I used an outhouse on my grandparents ranch there and grandma always grew veggies! ;)
09:45 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Leona Schroeder said:
Bear Butte Gardens near Sturgis?
09:46 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Katherine Warns said:
Timber lake maybe?
10:04 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Nathan Benson said:
That's near Buffalo. I say this with zero confidence.
10:59 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Heather Myers said:
near Mossman
11:05 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Julie Harley said:
Eagle Butte youth garden project
11:10 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Tracy Wheeler said:
Gregory south dakota?
11:48 am - Fri, December 19 2014
Jessica said:
My dad and I are guessing La Plant. We busted out the atlas and are just guessing :)
05:08 pm - Fri, December 19 2014
Deserae Emmett said:
Looks like one of them that I took pictures of in Cottonwood. I was surprised to see that there was toilet paper in both that I saw that day!
08:48 pm - Fri, December 19 2014
kate vandel said:
Near old sugar beet fields at Belle?

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