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Winner! Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Jun 22, 2013

We have a winner in our July Whereizzit in South Dakota contest! We drew Shirley Eisnach's name at random from the list of correct guesses. Aerial photograph Dave Tunge spotted this wacipi circle south of Oahe Dam. 

Thanks to everyone who guessed. Watch for another Whereizzit contest in our Sept/Oct 2013 issue! 


08:42 pm - Sat, June 22 2013
Darrell Dehne said:
This wacipi circle is below Oahe Dam on the Stanley County side near Campground No. 3.
08:21 am - Sun, June 23 2013
Gail Mehlhaff said:
This is a great picture of Mni Sose Wakpa Wacipi held at Fort Pierre, SD.
There is an event scheduled there on July 12-14 in Fort Pierre, SD.
04:56 pm - Sun, June 23 2013
John Grosz said:
Turn off Hwy. 14-34 west in Ft. Pierre and head north on 1806. In about a long mile the wacipi circle will be on your right side.
11:28 pm - Sun, June 23 2013
Bill Stevens said:
Yes, Darrell, Gail and John have it correctly identified and located. When it was originally created/constructed it was named the Lewis and Clark Oahe Area Powwow Ground / Wacipi. It is located very near the Oahe Area Downstream's Campground #3 on the west side / Fort Pierre side of the Missiouri River ... which is a short walking distance in the path shown in the airial photo to the campground. As local chapter President of the Encounters On The Prairie - Central South Dakota Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, we believe this site to be within 100 yards from the possible historic site of the "Lewis & Clark Expedition's Keel Boat lost anchor site" from Sepgtember 1804! Bill Stevens
09:26 am - Mon, June 24 2013
Greg Dean said:
It is the wacipi circle just south of the Oahe Dam on Highway 1806.
11:02 am - Mon, June 24 2013
Troy Wiebe said:
The Wacipi Ground near Oahe Campground #3. Most that travel on 1806 from Ft Pierre to the Oahe Dam may drive by without noticing it. It is tucked away in the trees and the red roof stands out to those looking.
07:03 am - Tue, June 25 2013
Shirley Eisnach said:
This Wacipi Circle is just off Highway 1806 near Ft. Pierre on the way to the Oahe Dam. A few years ago, we took all of our grandkids to the Buffalo Interpretive Center, Wakpa Sica, the Pow Wow grounds, and Cultural Heritage Center as part of the Native American theme for our annual Cousins' Camp, an event we host for a week each summer. All of these sites are in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre area.
08:40 am - Tue, June 25 2013
Don Trebil said:
It is just below the Dam at Ft. Pierre.
03:02 am - Wed, June 26 2013
jack neitzert said:
Located north of Fort Pierre on the west side of the river. It can be seen from space on Google Earth
07:37 am - Wed, June 26 2013
Chantry Norman said:
Outside of Fort Pierre below the Oahe dam
08:18 pm - Wed, June 26 2013
Mary Margaret Rowen said:
Today I received SD Magazine and Dakota Energy Cooperative Communications. I always read the calendar of events on the back page of DE and wish I could attend them all. I recognized the wacipi from thje picture in DE as the Mni Sose Wakpa Wacipi site in Ft. Pierre. We often attend the powwows at Haskell Indian Nations University here in Lawrence, KS where we live now. They have bowers at Haskell similar to the one in Ft. Pierre.
10:30 am - Fri, June 28 2013
Denise Luckhurst said:
This is located at Oahe Downsteam near campground 3.
04:25 am - Tue, July 2 2013
Larry Kirkpatrick said:
Mini-Sose Wakpa Wacipi in Fort Pierre is located near the downstream # 3 Campground of 1806 north of Ft. Pierre
06:12 am - Thu, July 4 2013
Lisa Gordon said:
The Powwow grounds at Oahe Downstream Campground #3.
09:59 am - Wed, July 10 2013
Deb Gates said:
Definitely near Oahe Campground #3, just off Highway 1806 and north of Ft. Pierre. I bike there all the time.
04:33 pm - Mon, July 22 2013
Lorie Bickner said:
This wacipi circle is located at Fort Randell
04:51 am - Tue, July 23 2013
Jean Denton said:
Located south of campground #3 below Oahe Dam
06:31 pm - Thu, July 25 2013
Patty Simon said:
This wacipi circle is near Campground #3 at Oahe Downstream. I just took pictures of it while we were camped there. Amazing!
07:24 am - Sat, July 27 2013
Gary Grittner said:
Near campground 3 just south of the Oahe Dam 7 miles north of Fort Pierre
12:15 pm - Mon, July 29 2013
Reta Thovson said:
The wacipi circle is near Campground #3 below Oahe Dam north of Fort Pierre.

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