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Photo courtesy of the <a href='' target='_blank'>Center for Western Studies</a> at Augustana College.
Photo courtesy of the Center for Western Studies at Augustana College.
Peter Killian shared a photo of his oil painting of Cascade.
Peter Killian shared a photo of his oil painting of Cascade.

Winner!! Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Dec 2, 2013

Wow! November's Wherewazzit in South Dakota contest was especially fun. Thank you for sharing your guesses and information about this location's history. One commenter even shared a photo of a painting he'd created of this area in 2006.

Many of you recognized these buildings from Cascade, located in Fall River County. We drew a name at random from the correct guesses, and Nancy Scott is our winner. She'll be receiving an assortment of South Dakota Magazine products soon.

Thanks again for participating, and look for a new Whereizzit contest in our January/February issue!


09:52 am - Fri, November 1 2013
Verlyn Johnson said:
This picture is of the W. Allen bank and the Fargo store at Cascade, SD and I think the building on the right is the Cascade Club and bowling alley.
10:01 am - Fri, November 1 2013
Marianne Larsen said:
This is not a guess. This is the old Allen Bank at Cascade Springs in Fall River county south of Hot Springs on the road to the horse sanctuary and some really good petroglyphs.
11:08 am - Fri, November 1 2013
Dawn Johnson said:
This is at the town of Cascade in Fall River County, about 10 miles south of Hot Springs. Our family has seen alot of changes to this townsite as they homesteaded at Cascade Falls in 1882. My Great Grandmother was born on the homestead in April 1888, just months after the"Childrens' terrible blizzard.
12:01 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Harry Wiebers said:
Those buildings are remaining Ghost Town -- CASCADE, so on # 71 of Hot Springs, - was bypassed in favor of promoter Evans, in order sell sandstone from his quarry & promote the "healing waters" of the Hot Springs on the Fall River. This is not a guess, but dead on.
12:38 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Ron Peterson said:
Bank in Cascade, SD, ghost town south of Hot Springs
01:12 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Hi Bernie,
The photo shows the remaining buildings in Cascade, SD (sometimes called Cascade Springs), the stone building was the old bank building.
01:15 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Jim Turner said:
The picture is of the bank building in Cascade, South Dakota approximately 10 miles south of Hot Springs, SD on Highway #71. Wonderful old architecture!
03:29 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Dave Batchelor said:
This is what remailns of the town of Cascade (minus the two buildings on the right). The sandstane building is now a private residence. It was threatened -- but saved -- from the big forest fire that raged down the valley a few years ago.
04:29 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
mark barnett said:
Everyone nailed it...Cascade. Just up the road from the bank...back in the hills, was (is) the home of John and Bonny Rock. John was from Britton SD (maybe Groton?) and wound up a Vice President of General Motors. When he retired, they came to the narrow valley that is directly upstream from Cascade. They built an incredible home there, put in a trout pond, and hosted many events. Both are gone, but much too soon. They certainly did become part of the local lore.

Delighted to hear from Dave Batchelor that the bank was saved!!!
04:32 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Mike Chase said:
This is what is left of the town of Casade, S,D, located south of Hot Springs on Highway 71. The now vacant Brainard Indian School is across the highway from the old town. This sandstone building is all that is left of the small town.
05:10 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Dan Hoeck said:
The photo is the W. Allen Bank, The Fargo Grocery Store and the Cascade Club at Cascade SD. Love the magazine and the contest!!
05:11 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Nancy Scott said:
This is the former bank at Cascade, S.D. south of Hot Springs.

06:02 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Deda said:
This is an old bank that says "Allen" on it, we drive past this going to Cascade Falls out of Hot Springs. Neat old building.
06:59 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
craig mickelson said:
just a note to confirm everyone's comments about the location of these buildings. But I have to differ from the description in the magazine, They did not "used" to be in Cascade, They still are!
09:40 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Darrell Dehne said:
The picture is Cascade on Hwy. 71 south of Hot Springs.
My question is: If this is a guessing contest, why are everyone's guesses already shown on this site?
09:53 pm - Fri, November 1 2013
Pinky Horner said:
This is the beautiful old buildings in Cascade SD south of Hot Springs. I have always thought they were so cool. Some of my favorites.
10:47 am - Sat, November 2 2013
Bill Jensen said:
The W. Allen bank building on the left is the only remaining structure still intact in Cascade Springs, SD. Located about 10 miles south of Hot Springs. And they were always located in the same spot.
03:55 pm - Sat, November 2 2013
Winnie Hofer said:
The picture is the Bank building in the town of Cascade SD. What a beautiful area with cascade creek running past it.
04:42 pm - Sat, November 2 2013
Jack Roth said:
Cascade by Hot Springs. Grew up in this area in the 30's and 40's and have been back many times since.
05:04 pm - Sat, November 2 2013
Cindy Reed said:
This is a very old photograph taken on Front Street in the town originally platted as Cascade Medicinal Springs in Fall River County. My husband and I bought it and the surrounding ranch acreage in 1976, and it looked much worse at that time. In 1977 we set about making the stone building livable first by adding electricity and upgrading the plumbing, and have recently commenced a small addition on the left side. The stone Allen Bank building was restorable, but the other two buildings shown were wooden frame buildings that had no maintenance for too many years and were falling down by the time we arrived. They were the Fargo general store next door and a bowling alley on the other side of a vacant lot. The bowling alley is said to have been the first bowling alley west of the Missouri River. In the mud we found an old bowling ball, just 5 inches diameter in those days.
We do very much enjoy living in what long ago came to be called the old town of Cascade.
05:15 pm - Sat, November 2 2013
Earl Norman said:
Cascade Springs: I recall swimming in the warm creek with my siblings and cousins when we visited our grandparents, who lived in Hot Springs.
The bank was constructed from the beautiful sandstone quarried nearby - along Fall Creek.
05:48 pm - Sat, November 2 2013
Scott Lockwood said:
This is a photo of Cascade Springs; South Dakota State Highway 71 runs right in front of the remaining buildings. THe pavement used to end about here and it was gravel until about 6 miles north of Ardmore where the pavement resumed. I would drive to go swimming at Cascade Springs often and always slowed down and admired the architectural gems in the old ghost town.
09:41 am - Sun, November 3 2013
Jerry P. Miller said:
The photo is of Cascade Springs(first name was Cascade) changed in 1894. First postmaster was Joel Fargo. 1st photo Ieft is Allen Bank, 2nd photo is Fargo Grocery Store(probably PO also. His salary was $120.97 for the year in 1894. 3rd building is the Cascade Club. Brainard Indian School is just down the road. Bernie love your magazine. Keep up the good work everyone. Go Chieftains. (Brainard Indian School)
01:30 pm - Sun, November 3 2013
Phyllis Rasinski said:
This is located at 28064 Cascade Rd. outside of Hot Springs, SD 57747
02:00 pm - Sun, November 3 2013
Lucille Olson Birkholtz said:
Thank you Cindy Reed with the story and dates. It was so nice to see someone doing something with the old bank building. While I was growing up near Oral & Smithwick, many Sunday drives were taken to old Cascade, just to enjoy the beauty and remember school picnics and such. I know the folks who bought the Rock place and it is good hands!
02:30 pm - Sun, November 3 2013
Cynthia Messenger said:
Cascade Falls SD ... south of Hot Springs. The railroad used to go through there and re-routed to Hot Springs, hence the demise of Cascade Falls.
06:13 pm - Sun, November 3 2013
Mike Maier said:
Cascade South Dakota, South of Hot Springs. Ghost town on Highway 71.
06:58 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Kandis Renstrom said:
The whereizzit in the nov-Dec magazine is the abandoned town of Cascade. It's near Hot Springs where I live.
07:00 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Joseph Gorman said:
The answer is Cascade, South Dakota. A little ghost town south of Hot Springs.
07:16 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Gary Conradi said:
This is the old bank building in Cascade. At one time a Mayor of Cascade resided in the building.
07:47 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Brad Stevens said:
Cascade bank building.
08:34 am - Mon, November 4 2013
It in Casade SD ( Ghost Town ) on highway 71 south of Hot Springs
09:25 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Lucien Kicken said:
Highway 71 South of Hot Springs. The past 75 years I have traveled yearly from Nebraska to Custer to visit relatives and have seen this building. At one time there was a settlement of Cascade and I believe the building was a bank.
09:26 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Carol Clark said:
At Cascade Springs south of Hot Springs off highway 71. The old bank building is now someones home.
11:58 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Bernice Landers said:
The old town of Cascade.
02:04 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
howard mayer said:
town of cascade on the way to cascade springs from hot springs.
03:00 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Marian Phelps said:
The picture is the "Old Bank" in the town of Casade on Cascade Road out of Hot Springs, SD.
04:00 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Levi Kessler said:
This picture is of the W. Allen Bank and the Fargo Store in Cascade SD. This was designed to be a resort town but, that all changed when the railroad changed routes. The town had all these plans set in stone they even had a four story hotel! The town had plans for 36 blocks and some were even developed. Today only its memory stands along with a few old buildings!
04:37 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Tom Fibeger said:
Mayors residence in Cascade, SD.
05:27 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Dave Ford said:
Every year when we would visit the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota we spent most of our time trying to find locations from Watson Parker's book. Cascade was one of those must see places. It has been years since we were there but that day was pretty special. First visiting the spring then driving on into Cascade and stopping to take our pictures---wishing we could explore the buildings. From there we drove on to the Cascade Falls and had a picnic before driving back thru Cascade and back on the road to more adventures.
08:15 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Tom Scheimo said:
That is the old bank building at Cascade, SD, also know as Cascade Springs. Too bad it's not a museum.
02:15 pm - Tue, November 5 2013
Amy F. Welch said:
I think it's out on Cascade Road. It's a few miles out of Hot Springs on Highway 71.
05:09 pm - Tue, November 5 2013
Stacy Campbell said:
As many have noted already, the picture is from Cascade. In May 2007, I was visiting from Michigan and we were able to explore the area including the old banker's house across the road. Unfortunately, a fire swept through the area later that summer and to my understanding many of these treasures artifacts perished. How thankful I am to have been there before the fire.
07:55 pm - Tue, November 5 2013
Annette Matt said:
These are the 2 remaining buildings in the town orginally know as Cascade Springs, SD south of Hot Springs, SD on hiway 71 which used to be hiway 87. The drive to cascade falls is such a nice drive into the country. In the 70's The Brainard Indian School was located near this town. It's still a nice place to stop for an afternoon picnic at the park across from the bank.
10:45 am - Wed, November 6 2013
Joan Lytle said:
09:40 pm - Wed, November 6 2013
Dan Rinehart said:
I recognized the picture as one from the Watson Parker and Hugh Lambert book, Black Hills Ghost Towns. It is a photo of the business block in Cascade, with Allen's bank, the general store, the bar, the bowling alley and general place of entertainment. In the 1890's Hot Springs was the health spa resort destination for many from the East as well as local residents. Ornate hotels, hospitals and South Dakota's liberal divorce laws were a drawing card for those looking " to establish residence, divorce a spouse and soak away their aches and pains." Cascade, trying to capitalize on the warm mineral springs in the area, advertised its "Cascade Spring waters" and built a hotel/business block with big development plans only to see those plans collapse as speculators tried to hold up the railroad for high prices. The Burlington & Missouri River Railroad took a different route and Cascade went into decline.
07:37 am - Thu, November 7 2013
ronald fuchs said:
I recognized this right away as Cascade- we found this place when I was an avid rock collector in high school in the mid-60's- I went back there 20 years later on my own- got turned around in my directions and finally found it again- the Fall river is not too far away in the valley with some deep pools to go bathing in. Very nice area.
03:34 pm - Thu, November 7 2013
Marlene Dixon said:
Cascade-about 20 years ago the Newcastle, Wy library had visitors from Mass. who were descendants of the Allabaugh family who lived there in the 1890's. They were researching their family who also had lived in Newcastle (had a Hotel and cafe) and Deadwood. They moved about 1905 back east. One relative of the family did stay in Hot Springs. When I was growing up in Igloo, we drove the dirt road to Hot Springs and always stopped to enjoy the Falls and the water coming out of the ground, summer and winter. I still keep in contact with one of the ladies who was here.
06:12 pm - Thu, November 7 2013
Steven Flora said:
The picture is Cascade Springs, S.D. south of Hot Springs. Was there in the 70's and had a picnic by the falls.
12:26 pm - Fri, November 8 2013
Ivan Johannsen said:
This is Cascade , south of Hot Springs, SD. We drive by here in the summer when we're going fishing.
01:17 pm - Fri, November 8 2013
Elaine Lehna said:
Cascade, SD. The business block of a Black Hills ghost town, with Allen's bank, general store, the bar, bowling alley, etc. Still stands by the road that leads to Cascade Falls.
02:18 pm - Fri, November 8 2013
Peter Kilian said:
This is the old bank at Cascade Village, on old Highway 71 south of Hot Springs.
I paint landscapes outdoors (plein air) often and sketched the old bank a few years before the area was burned during the Alabaugh fire.

The old red shed in the foreground is gone now - a victim of the fire.

I will email you a photo of my painting.
05:49 am - Sat, November 9 2013
Lin Stanton said:
It's the old town of Cascade, with the Allen bank building in the center, the bowling alley in the foreground. Its the current home of two dear friends who have shown nothing but love for the building and the area, Marc Lamphere and Cindy Reed.
04:14 pm - Sun, November 10 2013
Peggy Kaan said:
This is what is left of Cascade SD. The building with the turret is the old bank. Currently being used as a home. This is South of Hot Springs on Highway 71.
06:55 pm - Sun, November 10 2013
Lennie Skillingstad said:
This Allen Bank Building is located 10 miles south of Hot Springs, SD on hwy #71 the Allen Bank Building is currently a Georgous home.
09:04 am - Mon, November 11 2013
Brian Malde said:
Might as well add my note to the list. Townsite of Cascade, south of Hot Springs.
10:18 am - Tue, November 12 2013
tom s brown said:
I learned much from the many responses to the so-called contest. As a kid, I recall walking or bicycling to Cascade to swim at the beautiful falls, to harvest watercress at the surging warm water spring that produces Cascade Creek, and to shake down buffalo berries in the fall. During its early day, Cascade was in contention with Hot Springs for the location of the county seat. The Cascade area was once an encampment site of Indians who pitched tepees on the high ground overlooking the falls. This vantage point provided a fine view for locating buffalo herds out on the prairie to the SW Remnants of the stone rings which weighted down the edges of these structure can still be found.
10:47 am - Tue, November 12 2013
Russell Wyatt said:
This is ghost town of Cascade in Fall River County, Mark and Cindy Laphere live in the building on the left, the old Allen Bank building. I grew up in the Cascade area.

Russell Wyatt
11:57 am - Tue, November 12 2013
Don hemstock said:
Cascade, SD. South of Hot Springs.
05:18 pm - Tue, November 12 2013
Mary Cornay said:
Cascade, SD. Great Falls nearby
02:47 pm - Wed, November 13 2013
Lois Vogele said:
This is part of what was Cascade, SD, just south of Hot Springs. The main structure shown is the bank building. Cascade Falls is nearby and there's a great little park to picnic in on the way to Cascade.
07:23 pm - Wed, November 13 2013
Jan Matkins said:
It is the bank in the ghost town of Cascade, twelve miles south of Hot Springs, SD
09:31 am - Thu, November 14 2013
Greg Dean said:
Cascade, SD south of Hot Springs.
09:23 am - Fri, November 15 2013
Alvin Gilyard said:
Cascade falls - I am putting this in for my Dad. He has lived in this area for many years he is 87 years young. He wanted me to let you know where this was!
11:50 am - Mon, November 18 2013
Myrna Halls said:
11:51 am - Mon, November 18 2013
Elizabeth Coyle said:
South of Hot Springs on Hwy 71 - Cascade Rd.

I was told by the late Tom Landers in the olden days it was a bank.
04:11 pm - Tue, November 19 2013
Edith-Maria Redlin said:
These buildings are in Fall River County, 8 miles south of Hot Springs on Highway 71. The building to the left once was the original bank of Cascade Springs, at one point also called the "Mayor's Residence" although there was no mayor living in it. The building to the right was the banker's residence.
03:03 pm - Wed, November 20 2013
Melvin Marousek said:
This photo is at Cascade, a few miles southwest of Hot Springs on Highway 71. The wood structures are no longer extant but the stone building was originally the local bank. Nothing more is standing in Cascade.
09:16 pm - Thu, November 21 2013
Linda Harris said:
Photo is of the last remaining buildings of the town of Cascade, south of Hot Springs on Hwy 71. The building on the left was a bank.
02:59 pm - Fri, November 22 2013
Gerald Krutsch said:
The one shaped like a castle is the old bank building near Cascade Falls/Hot Springs.
05:34 pm - Sat, November 23 2013
Dave Cahill said:
This is Cascade, SD later known as Cascade Springs, SD. The information from your readers above is all interesting and informative. When I visited the site in the summer of 1962, the only inhabitant was a large bullsnake that was searching the walls of the community center and duckpin bowling alley for any snacks that might be available. I photographed him with an old 8mm movie camera for over an hour and he completely ignored me which is much like the politicians of today.

Thanks for all the wonderful stories, beautiful scenery and comments about South Dakota.
01:43 pm - Sun, November 24 2013
John Poole said:
I believe this to be the first Cascade Springs bank later the mayor's residence. My wife and I are Aussies who just "left our hearts in the Black Hills" and just keep on coming back. We love our fix of SD via our subscription to your magazine. Keep up the great work and see ya'll soon.

John and Sandy Poole
11:14 am - Mon, November 25 2013
Norman Pudwill said:
Cascade SD MarcLamphere!s residence Nice place to live
11:32 am - Tue, November 26 2013
James Kullbom said:
the buildings are in cascade,s.d. south of hot springs.
05:33 pm - Thu, November 28 2013
Reta Thovson said:
Ghost Town of Cascade SD. Building in use is Allen Bank building. Highway 71 South of Hot Springs for ten miles. No buildings standing except the bank building. Fargo Grocery Store was on the right side of bank with Cascade Club. All is gone now. I saw the photo in "Black Hills Ghosts Towns" by Watson Parker and Hugh Lambert.
02:07 pm - Fri, November 29 2013
Jody Landgrebe said:
This is at Cascade SD or Cascade Springs on highway 71 southwest of Hot Springs. Not only am I familiar with the area as I've driven by many times, but avid South Dakota magazine readers will remember reading about the swimming hole near here in a past article.
09:28 pm - Sun, December 1 2013
Susan Malenke said:
This is the old sandstone Bank building at Cascade Falls South Dakota. Across the road and around the corner used to be the Brainerd Indian School. I remember taking old clothes to the school. It is gone now and almost lost in history.
01:01 am - Tue, December 3 2013
Barry Kazmer said:
The W. Allen bank and the Fargo store at Cascade, SD and the nearly fallen in Cascade Club and bowling alley.
04:59 pm - Sat, December 12 2020
I went to school at Brainard Indian Training School just down the road from those incredible buildings. I loved to venture around them as a child and when growing up, and still do when I go there for a visit.

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