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Do you recognize this location? Click to enlarge photo.
Do you recognize this location? Click to enlarge photo.

Winner! Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Think you know the location of this numbered tree? Leave a comment with your guess. On October 1, we will randomly select a winner from the correct guesses. The winner receives a collection of South Dakota Magazine products.


Congratulations to Lynn Lundquist, our September Whereizzit Contest winner! We drew Lynn's name from the list of folks who correctly guessed that this tree marks Trail #9, which runs to and from Harney Peak. 

Thanks to everyone who guessed this time. Watch for another contest in the November/December issue of South Dakota Magazine!


11:19 am - Sat, August 25 2012
Rytis Balciunas said:
Trail 9 in the Black Hills National Forest, winding its way to/through Harney Peak is my guess!
09:06 pm - Sun, August 26 2012
Bob Glanzer said:
This is a trail marker in the Black Elk Wilderness that lies between Sylvan Lake and Harney Peak. I have hiked that trail many times. This is a main traveled trail to hike to Harney Peak from Sylvan lake.
09:01 am - Mon, August 27 2012
Greg Dean said:
Trail #9 on the way to Harney Peak
11:44 am - Mon, August 27 2012
Larry V. Chilstrom said:
The tree blazed with the number 9 designates Trail No. 9 as located from the parking lot at Sylvan Lake to Harney Peak. The trail is marked within Custer Sate Park with blue diamonds.

This particular marker is located on the upper part of Trail 9 and on Black Hills National Forest property, the mark is consistant with thier trail markers.
04:26 pm - Mon, August 27 2012
Jack M said:
This tree is one of many over the years so marked. In the 1920s there was a small pageant with Deadwood Dick officiating at the ''branding of the tree''. The trees are located in Deadwood's Gordon park. This tradition commemorates the the location of saloon #9 .Old #9 was the first drinking joint in the gulch.It was established by Nuttall and Mann in 1875. The last and only round was served to US troops who promptly arrested the proprietors and burned the place to the ground.Nuttall and Mann were transported to Fort Robinson under guard only to return in 1876 and rebuild.This time they christened the new venture saloon #10 and it is famously remembered for the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok.
06:17 pm - Mon, August 27 2012
Adam Koll said:
This would be the #9 trail marker from Sylvan to Harney Peak. Just finished hiking it the second week of August taking my father in-law up for his first time. Amazing sight for him.
06:11 am - Tue, August 28 2012
GRUMPY said:
Those that have been to Harney Peak, did anyone notice how well the pine bark beetle has been managed, thay have done extremely well.
07:38 am - Tue, August 28 2012
Brian and Tyann Jones, said:
Trail 9, on the way to (or from) Harney Peak.
11:17 am - Tue, August 28 2012
Nathan Hinker said:
This is trail #9 on the way up to Harney Peak. We just hiked this 3 weeks ago with my 3 son's and parents.
12:28 pm - Thu, August 30 2012
Lynn Lundquist said:
It is trail #9 going to Harney Peak.
03:33 pm - Thu, August 30 2012
Frankie Hofer said:
This is a marker on Trail Number 9 to Harney Peak. Plan to go up one of these days after it cools down a bit. Never get tired of hiking that trail. When you get to the top the view is awsome!
08:39 am - Sat, September 1 2012
Deb Davis said:
This tree is located on trail #9, one of the more popular trails from Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park to the lookout tower on Harney Peak. The pine beetle infested many trees that have been removed. Custer State Park carved the trail number for the upcoming season rather then using the typical blue diamond trail markers.
11:10 am - Sat, September 1 2012
Dave Johnson said:
This is actually part of the Sunday Gulch Trail that winds down from Sylvan Lake. This I know because in 1975 myself and 2 others were working as summer maintenance crews for CSP. On summer break from my freshman year at college, marking the trail for hikers was a great way to start the summer. The two others I was with were "flatlanders" and was concerned we might get lost....
We didnt....
04:41 pm - Tue, September 4 2012
Garnette Aas said:
The numbered tree is at the second sign on the way up to Harney Peak on a rocky knoll. The tree also has a hook thru it. We were there on Saturday, August 25th. My husband was hiking up to Harney Peak and I had gone as far as theWilderness sign and returned back down to this tree with the number 9 carved in it. Where I awaited his return.
07:24 pm - Tue, September 4 2012
Altman said:
Trail #9 to Harney Peak, leaving from Sylvan Lake! I hiked it just this last weekend and was thrilled to be able to place the photo.
07:48 am - Thu, September 6 2012
Mary Fribley said:
Bill and I have hiked Harney Peak following trail #9 marked trees for more than 20 years. The view from Harney as well as Little Devil's Tower is more than worth the effort and leaves two Iowa flatlanders in awe. If that's not incentive enough we have recently included an Alpine Inn lunch as a bonus reward.
10:00 am - Thu, September 6 2012
Trail marker in The Black Hills behind Sylvan Lake
01:16 pm - Thu, September 6 2012
Tim Baustian said:
Has to be the number 9 trail up to Harney Peak in the Black Elk Wilderness. Hiked up there on July 1, though I don't remember this specific marker.
10:01 am - Mon, September 10 2012
Doug and Renee Bechen said:
This is a branded tree along Trail #9 that starts at Willow Creek Horse camp to Harney Peak. Doug and I ride this trail every year. We also are members of Black Hills Backcountry Horsemen group that assists the Forest Service with keeping this trail open. The trail begins in the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve and turns into the Black Elk Wilderness that is open to hikers and equestrian users.
05:51 pm - Mon, September 10 2012
Jeff Nelson said:
Trail marker near Sylvan Lake marking the route to the top of Harney Peak. It's the same distance to the top of the peak as it is down if you follow these markers, unless of course you get lost.
07:33 am - Wed, September 26 2012
Reta Thovson said:
Trail #9 is the trail that starts at Sylvan Lake Day Use Area. Walk across the bridge that leads to swimming beach. The hike is up to Harney Peak which is 3.5 miles one way. The location is in Black Elk Wilderness. You can also get on Trail #9 from the north off Highway 244. Take Willow Creek Trail #5 to Trail #9.
07:48 am - Fri, September 28 2012
Art & Kris Metzger said:
It is the #9 trail blaze for the trail to Harney Peak, which we just climbed for the first time in late August to celebrate my husband's 67th birthday. It was beautiful and we hope to do it every year from now on,

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