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Photo by Lloyd Kannegieter.
Photo by Lloyd Kannegieter.
Photo by Ken Mattheis.
Photo by Ken Mattheis.
Photo by Ken Mattheis.
Photo by Ken Mattheis.

Winner! Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Aug 22, 2013

We have a winner in our September Whereizzit in South Dakota contest! We drew Dale Schaffer's name at random from the list of correct guesses. Many of you knew that this old water wheel could be found on Nemo Road and Waterwheel Lane in the Black Hills. Ken Mattheis even sent us additional photos of the spot so you could see it from a few different vantage points.

Thanks to everyone who guessed. Watch for another Whereizzit contest in our Nov/Dec 2013 issue! 


07:56 pm - Fri, August 23 2013
Darrel Lee said:
I believe (I actually know) that this abandoned water wheel is located on the Nemo Road in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I have a snapshot almost identical to yours on my computer which was taken on Sept. 17, 2011 while we were vacationing in the Hills. I received the SD Magazine today (8/23/13) and I immediately knew I had the same picture.
08:48 am - Sat, August 24 2013
anonymous said:
It is on the road between Deadwood and Nemo. Beautiful sight I ever saw! Beautiful creek runs right by it.
08:52 am - Sat, August 24 2013
I remember driving by this to see my daughter when she was at Job Corp in Nemo. Don't see these in my corner of South Dakota. Thanks for the reminder of wonderful memories!!
11:30 am - Sat, August 24 2013
11:42 am - Sat, August 24 2013
Norma Kraemer said:
The waterwheel is on Nemo Road by Waterwheel Lane. It was constructed by Ron and Darrel Hoefer some years ago on Box Elder Creek.
02:11 pm - Sat, August 24 2013
Norm Peterson said:
This old waterwheel is located 2/3 on the way from Rapid City to Nemo, on Nemo Road. It runs intermittently with water flow of Boxelder Creek.
08:10 pm - Sat, August 24 2013
jeffrey poppen said:
We saw and also took a picture of the waterwheel on Nemo road in the Black Hills. We thought it was so beautiful and had it enlarged to put on the wall to remind us of our wonderful trip to the Black Hills with friends
07:50 am - Sun, August 25 2013
Darrell Sawyer said:
It's on Boxelder Creek by the highway between Nemo and Hwy 385.
We've stopped and taken numerous photos of it over the years.
10:40 am - Sun, August 25 2013
Dianne Gentrup said:
on the road between Nemo and 385. Took a photo during the Sturgis rally. had it enlarged and looking for barn siding to frame it.
05:30 pm - Sun, August 25 2013
David Strom said:
Is is on Water Wheel Lane along Nemo Road.
08:31 am - Mon, August 26 2013
Howard & Elaine Perry said:
The water wheel is located for Lead/Deadwood South on 385 to Nemo Rd. Go East on Nemo Rd. 9.1 miles to Water Wheel Ln. and there it is.
09:56 am - Mon, August 26 2013
Heidi Westcott said:
The water wheel is along Nemo Rd out by Lead/Deadwood
11:14 am - Mon, August 26 2013
The abandoned water wheel is located along the Nemo Road in Lawrence County between Brownsville and Nemo. The address of the location is 12462 Waterwheel Lane. As a teenager the waterwheel functioned and generated power for lights on the property.
04:16 pm - Mon, August 26 2013
Eric Anderson said:
That water wheel is located about 3.5 to 4 miles east of what used to be Brownsville, on the Nemo Highway. The town of Brownsville is now known as "The Boondocks", a little tourist spot right on Highway 385 about a mile north of the Tomahawk Country Club.
04:59 pm - Tue, August 27 2013
Marlene Barrett said:
Its on the Nemo Road in Lawrence County near Waterwheel Lane.
11:45 am - Wed, August 28 2013
Sharon Halsted said:
Canyon on the Nemo Rd close to Sturgis and Deadwood in SD
04:54 pm - Wed, August 28 2013
Dan Cronin said:
A great setting for pictures, this location is on the Nemo Road -- just past Nemo on the way to Rapid City. I have often stopped during various seasons to take pictures of it. It's showing age so those who haven't been there yet need to plan the trip!
Dan Cronin
05:31 pm - Wed, August 28 2013
Burt Beusch said:
Looks like I am not the first to know this water wheel is on Nemo Road. I have an excellent photo of it from one of my annual visits to the Black Hills. As I recall, right across the road is an equally picturesque cabin slowly succumbing to time.
09:57 am - Thu, August 29 2013
Tracy Wolf said:
This beautiful picture is located off Nemo Road on Waterwheel Ln and I have enjoyed this for many years riding the Nemo Road during Sturgis. Recently I moved back to the Black Hills and had the pleasure of meeting the kind and wonderful people that live nearby!
12:59 pm - Thu, August 29 2013
Greg Dean said:
Water Wheel Lane on Nemo Road.
06:39 pm - Thu, August 29 2013
Vicki Hurm said:
This waterwheel is along Nemo Road East of Brownsville Jct off highway 385
07:37 pm - Thu, August 29 2013
Harry Rasmussen said:
It's located off Nemo Rd. and is a joy to see turning since that means there has been rain and a lot of it!
09:45 am - Sat, August 31 2013
Bob Weber said:
This one or another like it is in Vanocker Canyon close to Sturgis, SD
06:25 am - Sun, September 1 2013
Wanda Gladback said:
It's at Waterwheel Lane and Nemo Road, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Beautiful drive from Rapid City to Highway 385. We've driven it many times and always make a point to slow and enjoy the waterwheel. It's wonderful when the creek is high enough so the water turns the wheel
07:50 am - Sun, September 1 2013
Rita Washechek said:
The water wheel is located in the Black Hills on Nemo Road approximately 9 miles from Junction Hwy 385. I live approximately 6 miles from the water wheel and drive by it often.
05:47 am - Mon, September 2 2013
Deedra said:
It's on the Brownsville to Memo road in the Benchmark area
08:22 pm - Mon, September 2 2013
Patrick Delaney said:
This is a working waterwheel along Nemo Road, about 3/4 of a mile past the Boxelder Job Corps Center, or 5 miles West of Nemo. During the spring, the landowner will lower the waterwheel down into Boxelder Creek so it will turn. It can be raised or lowered about 18".
10:24 am - Tue, September 3 2013
Sandy Lewis said:
It is on Nemo Road between Job Corps Road and Benchmark Road. It isn't abandoned to my knowledge. It sits beside Box Elder Creek and belongs to the family that lives up the gravel road behind it. For many, many years the owner would lower it during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months when the creek is running high. We live about 2 miles beyond it and drive past it often. We have noticed that it needs repair, so perhaps that is why it isn't lowered and turning this year. It is a wonderful sight.
04:56 pm - Tue, September 3 2013
Michael Smedstad said:
The water wheel is located on the Nemo Road about 5 miles NW of the village of Nemo. The wheel was constructed by Ron Hoefer who still lives on the property. The wheel house requires annual maintenance as the Spring-melt flood waters often damage the rock structure and the wheel. Mr. Hoefer does the repair himself, including the wheel repair and the masonry work rebuilding the rock wheel house.
07:40 pm - Tue, September 3 2013
Deb Rich said:
The water wheel is on Nemo Road just past Novak when driving from Rapid City. I enjoy seeing this water wheel every time I drive by this beautiful spot in the Black Hills!
08:04 am - Wed, September 4 2013
Deb Meyer said:
It's about a mile from my house on nemo road, about 4 miles west of nemo proper.
08:14 pm - Fri, September 6 2013
Bonnie Carr said:
It is on Waterwheel Ln on Nemo Rd. it is 17 miles from Chubby Chipmunks outside of Deadwood . It is deteriorating rapidly .
08:17 pm - Fri, September 6 2013
It is between Sturgis and Lead/Deadwood on Nemo Road. It is deteriorating and unfortunately does not look as good as the picture. The first time we saw it we were excited about the find. It is on Waterwheel Road and Memo Road.
08:40 pm - Fri, September 6 2013
Bonita King said:

The water wheel is on Nemo Road and Waterwheel Lane. We pass it always when we go to Rapid and take Nemo /Road.
08:41 am - Mon, September 9 2013
Al Maas said:
A little late to the game on where iz zit but Nemo Road and Waterwheel lane is the crossroads. I guess I should not wait so long to read my issues.
12:47 pm - Mon, September 9 2013
Arlene Bowles said:
The abandoned water wheel is located about a mile west of the ghost town of Novak on Nemo Road in the beautiful Black Hills of SD. It is on Box Elder Creek.
I drove by it this morning
02:39 pm - Sat, September 14 2013
Bob Hemre said:
The water wheel is located on Nemo Road approximately 3.7 miles Northwest of Nemo. We drive by it often. In fact, we have taken several photographs of it.
09:35 pm - Wed, September 18 2013
Reta Thovson said:
Water wheel is four miles west of Nemo on Nemo Road. It is just past driveway of property owner on Waterwheel Lane.
09:10 am - Sun, September 22 2013
Rob Steele said:
The waterwheel is on Nemo Road between Nemo and Deadwood. The waterwheel was constructed by the property owners in the 1990's and has probably never produced electricity. It's a faux waterwheel and is good for fooling the tourists only.
08:32 am - Mon, September 23 2013
Brandon Johnston said:
just like all the others said, Nemo Rd and waterwheel Ln. there is a few wheels left in the hills that actually were for a porpose but this one is still cool to look at
04:50 pm - Mon, September 23 2013
Donald Sorenson said:
This location is at junction of waterwheel lane and Nemo Road. Thank You, Donald Sorenson, Deadwood, S.D.
05:41 pm - Thu, September 26 2013
Dan Siegfried said:
The waterwheel is located on Nemo Road just past Novak (pop 3) when heading west from Rapid City.
07:45 pm - Mon, September 30 2013
Jerry Elster said:
The waterwheel, located at Waterwheel Lane on the Nemo Road across Boxelder Creek on its west bank and the west side of the Nemo Road , is above the town of Nemo and below the Brownsville intersection on US Hwy 385.M
05:22 pm - Tue, October 1 2013
Jeannine Guern said:
Nemo road
08:25 am - Mon, November 4 2013
Carol Clark said:
At Cascade Springs south of Hot Springs off highway 71. The old bank building is now someones home.
08:49 pm - Mon, November 4 2013
Tom Halls said:
The photo is of the proposed town of Cascade, located about ten miles
south of Hot Springs on Hwy. 71, just passed Cascade Springs. The building on the left is of the old bank. The one on the right is, I believe, of the dry goods store and from where the picture was taken, used to be the saloon and rooming house. Not sure that the L's live in the bank anymore. Faccinating history of the area and would make an interesting article.

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