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06:56 am - Wed, February 5 2014
Michele said:
This is an awesome place! The animals here are well taken care of. It"s an honor to get to volunteer and be a part of what goes on here.
04:39 pm - Sat, November 1 2014
Delores Bruce said:
I think this is one of Spearfish' best kept secrets. Many people don't know that it is there. I had no idea that they had so many different kinds of wild animals there. Well worth a visit.
04:50 am - Tue, March 1 2016
Wendy Sells said:
with all of the wild animals like the tigers and the lions and the snow cat and the peacock and the other wild animals as well because I(WENDY SELLS)love all wild animals like the tigers and the wolfs and even the ocean Mammals like the Humpback whales and the orcas whales and the largest whale is the onewith white spots on his back as well as his fins and tail as well but still I love wild animals just the same from Wendy Sells

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