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Even our office dog, Yeller, is ready for Spring.
Even our office dog, Yeller, is ready for Spring.

Talking Late Winter

Feb 23, 2015

Weather is always a good conversation starter for South Dakotans, especially in February and March as we await the coming of Spring. We’re predisposed to be a patient people. Long winters do that to you. So no one wants to be too negative about the roller-coaster weather patterns that we traditionally endure this time of year. But when the temperature starts to rise into the 30s and 40s, a real South Dakotan can almost taste and smell the season that lies ahead.
    Longtime South Dakotans know how to find that right balance between winter weary and overly optimistic, but for newer citizens of the state we offer these examples of how you might start a conversation this time of the year:
    * “Just be glad we’re not living in Boston.”
    * “Have you ordered your garden seeds yet?”
    * “Looks like perfect weather for calving.”
    * “They’ll be planting corn before we know it."
    * “You don’t have to shovel the cold.”
    * “There’s not much moisture in snow anyway.”
    And if worse comes to worse: “I hear there’s a X*#!*# blizzard coming!”


06:49 am - Fri, February 27 2015
Jon Graves said:
Just received my March/April 30 years copy - thanks Bernie. I hope I am correct when guessing that you are doing all the shoveling for the Yankton area and are not risking a sun burn any place south of the Missouri river.....

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