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04:03 pm - Tue, February 2 2016
Kathi Larson said:
07:46 am - Wed, February 3 2016
Mary Ann Wortmann said:
A beautiful church on the prairie.
10:06 am - Wed, February 3 2016
Jean Hohn said:
This is the church Don belonged to when growing up
10:26 am - Wed, February 3 2016
Dan Ray said:

I stopped here on a lark, on the way to another destination...

I thought "why not", (I was very glad I did). This, Hoven, and St. Francis are all remarkable rural churches. I hope to find more as time allows... This last time was my second visit.

My regret is that somehow I time these visits when the cheese factory is closed!
11:06 am - Wed, February 3 2016
Lisa Larson said:
I belonged to this church growing up and also got married in this church. Spent many masses singing in the choir, CCD class as well as cleaning in the summer. This is truly one of Gods incredible gifts to us. Love this church and seeing the pictures just gives me chills! My parents are still members of this church.
05:33 pm - Wed, February 3 2016
Marcia Rennich said:
My parents were married in this church 62 years ago in September. This church is GORGEOUS.
10:50 pm - Wed, February 3 2016
Larry Timms said:
I married one of Jim Wermers daughters. Whenever we get back to Dimok we always go to mass and enjoy the beautiful church that has been cared for so well. Great job by a wonderful parish.
10:52 am - Thu, February 4 2016
Bob Boehmer said:
Many happy memories.. and some sad.. My folks .. any many aunts uncles happily married here and the sad times of those who had funerals here.. The best little Catholic community in USA.. Still hold my Catholic values closely.. Thanks gramps grandma. Mom dad and aunts and uncles...
02:25 pm - Fri, February 5 2016
Elaine Kvasnicka Soukup said:
Beautiful - brings back memories of when the Catholic Churches were so beautiful. Dimock residents built their church to last. When we get back to SD, will have to stop, pray and enjoy this beautiful church. I was never in it. Grew up in Tripp SD - guess no one we knew got married there. We belonged to Vodnany Church out in the country between Tripp & Scotland.
07:03 am - Mon, February 15 2016
Ann Untereiner-Mechtenberg said:
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of Sts. Peter & Paul Church. I grew up in Dimock, this church was the center of our community. Your gift & photos have preserved it so eloquently. I never tire of looking a pictures of this beautiful work of art. It always brings up memories that warms my heart.
09:26 am - Fri, February 26 2016
Lois Goodrich said:
My great great grandparents, Mathias and Ursula Hohn, attended this church. The Hohn families donated the large circular stained-glass window in the front. Wish I could get the history of the window especially where it was made. Amazed at the interior.
01:05 pm - Mon, March 7 2016
Bob Schlimgen said:
I grew up in the parish, left for 35 years and came back. I am once again proud to say I'm a member of the parish. A committee of three ( Kim McCann, Elaine Neugebauer and myself) prepared a historical CD with pictures on the 100th anniversary of the church in 2008. The CD should be in the back of the church with an 2008 Sony (old) CD player. The CD is 28 minutes long and walks you through the church, with pictures of the murals and statues. We spent many over 9 months on the historical report. There are even a few hard copies around of the document/CD. PS: Dan, the cheese factory opens early and closes at 4pm M- F.
09:01 am - Wed, March 9 2016
Shirley Welch Ferley said:
I was married in this beautiful church in 1971. Due to storm damage of another beautiful old church, Sacred Heart. in Parkston where I grew up, I chose to marry at Dimock. I have a very strong connection to Dimock and St. Peter & Paul. My great grandparents and other relatives are buried in the adjacent cemetery. Emil and Dorothea Untereiner are my great grandparents. Thank you South Dakota magazine.
02:56 pm - Wed, March 9 2016
Cathryn Rehfuss said:
My father Gus Wermers was raised in this church along with the rest of his family. My grandparents are buried in the cemetary next to the church along with many other relatives. I have been to this church many times for weddings funerals etc. Am always amazed at the beauty of it and how well it is taken care of. The church and the cheese factory where my uncle Al worked at are always on our list of places to go when in the area.
08:18 pm - Sun, April 17 2016
Mary Lee said:
My Dad grew up in this community. About a year ago, my husband and I stopped to visit the church of his youth. Visited the family graves and admired the beauty of this rural church. It is truly a gem. I think it made my folks day to talk to them about the visit. Dad is the only remaining member from his family. So nice to see articles of these beautiful churches.
07:19 pm - Fri, August 19 2016
Dennis Reilly said:
I saw a lot of beautiful cathedrals and old churches all over western Europe, including St. Peter's in the Vatican, while I was stationed in Germany in the 1980's. I've always felt his little church is right up there with them. I really like that they didn't change much on account of Vatican II. St. Martin's (doesn't exist anymore), in Huron, where I grew up in the 1960's & 70's, way overdid the "out with the old and in with the new."
09:09 am - Thu, December 15 2016
Barbara Schlimgen Horton said:
Last September, 9 Mitchell High School classmates visited this beautiful church. My great grandparents, Sarah and Engelbert Schlimgen, are buried in the adjoining cemetery. According to family history, they donated this piece of land. Perhaps church historians can correct me if I am wrong.
11:16 am - Fri, December 16 2016
Sandy (Wermers) Hansen said:
I too was raised & wed at this lovely church and attended the catholic school that was just to the east of the priest residence. The school is no longer there, torn down due to wear & tear of time and non-use. It was replaced with a city park. The house that was once owned by the Ogden family is still across the street from the church. The generous donations by parish members and even non-members have kept this church a quality piece of architecture and beauty and worthy of a visitation. My folks, John & Lois Wermers and their parents and multiple other family members are buried in the cemetery. Many names come to mind of the people who cared for and ran the programs for the church. Some names may date me: Mrs. Pat Walz, MaryAnn Hohn, Dori Wermers, Joyce Erpenbach, Celesta Roth, Selma Weber are only a few. The large manger scene at Christmas with all it's simplicity surrounded by what seemed to be a forest of trees decorated only in tinsel is forever stamped in my memory. The finale song of "Oh Holy Night" sung by Dick Kurtenbach and the full choir is a memory to savor. I still compare it to versions I happen to hear today. Midnight mass was the best ever. We didn't mind getting to church 1 hr. early just to hear the not so common carols that were sung. Thanks for showcasing this remarkable church. Merry Christmas everyone.
02:13 pm - Thu, June 29 2017
Janell Watson ( Boehmer) said:
I was born in Parkston, South Dakota by Dr..Porter.But lived with my parents Zeno and Shirley Boehmer on a farm not far from Dimock Lake. I miss living in a small town and going to mass at the Catholic Church and school. So many good and tragic memories.I loved Father Nemmers and sitting almost always in the same location in church ...we seemed to be always running late..I loved the stained glass windows... The big decorative columns ..Allot of memories..From seeing my best freind getting married there...Elaine Weber ...seeing my sister Jodi Boehmer in a coffin...But still believing in God. I loved going to to Dimock school... I miss my classmates...We had allot of fun at recess..running around...King Of The Mountain. The Big piled up snow... Lets see if i can remember everybody...Last names might spell wrong. Elaine Weber, Pat Weber- Huge crush on...but I was very very shy), Brian Ferguson, Brad Wermers,Patrice, Robin Shonefelder, Patty ,Doug,Julie,, Debbie, Lisa Haag. my memory slipping.Sorry if i forgot you or misspelled your names..Well if any of you guys want to get in touch with me here's my email.

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