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11:31 am - Thu, July 16 2020
cindy reaper said:
Oh! My! Gosh! Truly stunning shots! Thank you, Christian Begeman!!!
09:38 am - Tue, August 4 2020
Diana Howard said:
Wonderful pictures! I love the Milky Way one too!
03:18 pm - Tue, August 4 2020
I love this amazon photography. Being a former South Dakotan, I used to get your magazine. But had to quit taking it. I certainly did enjoy every copy & still have some. I live in Fla now & have for over 30 yrs. still get up to South Dakota, often. Not many left from those early yrs in The 1930s. Thankyou!
12:52 pm - Thu, August 6 2020
Edee Rae said:
These photographs are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.
01:40 pm - Fri, August 7 2020
VeeAnne Sykora said:
There is nothing more beautiful than the night sky in SD. I don't believe I have ever seen the Milky Way and to think there are all of those lovely backgrounds for this phphotographer. We live in Illinois and will look for the comet here.,. Possible?
Thank you for publishing these lovely and astonishing photos.

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