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10:00 am - Fri, February 9 2018
Lisa said:
Awesome shots, John!
02:45 pm - Fri, February 9 2018
Darlene Kutzler said:
I was worried about that barn when I read about the fire at Bear Butte. I have photographed it before and was hoping it didn't burn. That is a great photo! Very dramatic.
03:31 am - Mon, February 12 2018
Helle Coretto said:
I was worried about what was happening to Bear Butte. I have been hiking there severel times and are aware of the wildlife there, and that Bear Butte is a sacred place for Native American indians. How bad was the fire for the mountain?
06:09 pm - Thu, March 22 2018
Well, I suppose all the 'stuff' that was left on the mountain is finally gone - the mountain will return prettier than ever - all that new grass, etc. after the big burn. Sometimes fire is the best thing for stuff - a great way to clean house.

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