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Name That Film

Aug 8, 2013

Jamie McDonald, British actor and part-time cowboy.

Editor's Note: Below is a short interview with Jamie McDonald, England's lone bull rider, conducted after the main event. Click here to watch a short video of McDonald's trip to Burke.

What do you call a movie about a brand new cowboy making his first bull ride? Jamie McDonald, the British newbie at the Burke Stampede Rodeo, is looking for ideas. “Please ask your readers to write in with suggestions and we'll credit any winners in the film,” he says. We asked him a few questions in the hopes that his answers might stir your creative juices.

1. What does it feel like to get that first bull ride behind you?

I felt riding a bull for the first time was much like meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time: potentially dangerous, never as bad as you think and you're very glad when it's over. 

2. What was the name of the bull, by the way?

I never found out the name of the bull but retrospectively I think I'll call him Alex, someone I was at school with. He was also big and hairy and gave me a hard time. 

3. What brought you to Burke?

We chose Burke because of the Suttons and their incredible hospitality. Zach spoke with several people about where to go and it was Billie's kindness and willingness to help our project that made us pick Burke. And we're sure pleased we did — what a reception. 

4. What surprised you most about the weekend rodeo and the town?

We were blown away by the level of hospitality we received, not just from the Suttons but all over. Riders, new and old, were more than willing to help us out and extend some words of wisdom about bull riding. Justin Hathaway in particular was a great find for us and he helped us an enormous amount. 

I was also surprised how beautiful South Dakota is; maybe it's your intention to keep it a secret, but you should advertise that more. It's stunning countryside. 

On the flip side, I was amazed how bad I was at singing. I thought I was good until then. 

5. Any advice for someone who’s never been to a rodeo?

For those riding for the first time, like many things, it's so much mind over matter. If you are too scared, you hold on too loosely and you will get thrown around harder. The stronger you are, the easier it is, so be strong. Also, when you are thrown off, don't hang around. Run. 

Also, if you go to South Dakota, never ask a ranch owner how many cattle he has. It's not exactly good bovine etiquette. 

When McDonald is not riding bulls, he’s busy thinking up new adventures. (He’ll take suggestions on that, too.) “Right now I'm in Alaska typing this from a tiny plane heading into the wilderness to try and see some grizzly bears — so right now I'm all about bulls and bears. It's almost like I'm working in finance,” McDonald says.



11:40 am - Mon, August 12 2013
Bruce Talley said:
Winning Ride
All-American Cowboy

These entries comes from a South Dakota boy who worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, for an investment banking firm in Southern California and who now lives and owns several businesses in Russia.
11:47 am - Mon, August 12 2013
Eric Ollila said:
The Well
Day Money
Snot Nose
12:07 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Natalie Johnson said:
Call the movie "Bullriding the Dakotas" Short and sweet and to the point.
12:13 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
David Allen said:
02:22 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Mark Gubbins said:
How about " 8 Seconds of Bravery " or " The Ride of Your Life "
02:37 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Sharon Helbig said:
First Draw
03:18 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Scott Korsten said:
"First Time For Second Thoughts"
"When Fury Calls"
"An Element of Danger"
03:51 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Michelle Heeren said:
Looking forward for the about the title being....
" Eating Dust in Dakota"
04:25 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Michelle said:
Eight Second Virgin
04:30 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Ed Goss said:
The Burke Buckaroo
Bustin Bull In Burke
Hello Bull, Goodby Jamie
06:58 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
Deanna Stands said:
Burke or Bust
07:20 pm - Mon, August 12 2013
LMR said:
Dominance of the Swift
08:17 am - Tue, August 13 2013
Mari said:
you could name it after whatever his final ride is supposed to be like, like "Down in the Well" or "Fade Away" (or is it called a fader? when the bull bucks backwards?) want to consult an actual bull rider on this. :)
12:20 pm - Sun, August 25 2013
Renee Sutton said:
Bill Sutton came up with this:
True "Brit"
or True Brit with Grit hoping Jamie McDonald that you have seen John Wayne a great American cowboy in the movie True Grit
The people of Burke are still talking about Jamie McDonald and crew!!
10:19 am - Sat, August 31 2013
Caitlin Halstead said:
"First Time Cowboy" you did a lot of firsts on this trip so why not mention it.
10:34 am - Mon, January 6 2014
Jamie McDonald said:
I've only just come back to read this again and for anyone wondering, the movie is called Cowboy in the Continental Suit and is on YouTube and Vimeo.

Thanks again Burke. Still such fond memories...
06:15 am - Sat, May 10 2014
Rodney Smith said:
The Revenge of the Beef on McDonald

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