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10:04 am - Mon, September 19 2016
Dennis Tonsager said:
Magnificent, all Hale to my home land of South Dakota!!
01:08 pm - Mon, September 19 2016
Angela Mulgrew said:
Congratulations to the Chamberlain collective that gave the gift of 'Dignity of Earth & Sky' to not only South Dakota but the world. Through a SD woman posting the upcoming event on Facebook, then a Manitoba (Canada) woman sharing it, I in Queensland (Australia) was able to watch this beautiful event in real time via the SDPB internet link, see & appreciate this magnificent monument, and share it with so many others, who are also in awe of what had been accomplished, and the heartfelt message of reconciliation. Thank You once and all.
01:36 pm - Mon, September 19 2016
Lenora Hudson said:
This is beautiful!
09:34 pm - Mon, September 19 2016
Leslee Woodyard said:
My husband and I stopped to see this regal beauty today. Standing so majestic....Dignity is absolutely breathtaking and amazing. She is a gift to all and her creator simply perfect.
09:23 pm - Wed, September 21 2016
Helen slattery said:
This is amazingly beautiful. I love her meaning and the artistry that was put into her. I want to see it in resin. Definitely oy bucket list. The world needs to know about her. I'd like for the story be on national tv shows.
12:57 pm - Wed, October 19 2016
Mike Normile said:
Dignity is beautiful, but a person needs to stop at least twice to see the difference. if you stop during the day she is exquisite silver. If you stop 1/2 hour to one hour before it gets dark she turns bronze in color. Once it's dark and she is lit, both externally from spotlights and internally from the built in lighting, the colors are magnificent. Nice article, as always well written and great coverage of the event. Yes we are truly blessed here in Chamberlain!
12:25 pm - Wed, August 30 2017
Keith Haugen said:
Absolutely beautiful, both in concept and artistic craftsmanship.... a tribute to the artist as well as the Native American women of the Lakota, Dakota and all others. Congratulations and thanks to Dale Lamphere and South Dakota.

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