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08:14 pm - Thu, November 8 2012
Carol Meyer said:
I love to see pictures of these small towns. It's great that some folks still want to hang onto bygone days. Just to bad there isn't more money to keep things in a little better condition (such as the water tank). Your magazine staff do a great job.
03:01 pm - Sat, November 10 2012
Donita Graves said:
My uncle, Joel Strasser, long-time photo contributor to South Dakota Magazine, is originally from Fairview. His parents owned a store there. I believe an article was done on this in a past issue.
03:17 pm - Fri, December 21 2012
tawnee severson said:
hi, im 14 and i have grew up in fairview my hole life there is not much to see but i would rather live in this small town than live in a big city icouldnt do have the stuff i can do in fairview
09:32 am - Thu, October 9 2014
Michael Thies said:
It was the 16th, not the 6th and that customer was my great grandmother. Fairview will always be apart of me my grandparents still live on and operate the family farm and i consider myself a lucky person to be able to spend time there.
06:58 pm - Wed, June 20 2018
June Williamson said:
I had the pleasure of spending 3 months in Fairview during July-October 1968. My husband at the time was a commercial beekeeper and we traveled all the way from Florida for the alfalfa and clover crops. They were a failure that year, but the experiences and memories made there will always remain in my heart as some of the very best. We had friend who owned a home in downtown Fairview, so visited there often, but stayed in a farm hands house on the Iowa side of the Big Sioux River, belonging to Harold and Velda Groth. I somehow survied my visit without access to a TV, radio, or phone...but loved being in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. No billboards for miles and miles to ruin the beautiful landscape. Had it not been for all my loved ones back home, I would have gladly put down roots. We made friends with Garret and Leona Vander strout, but may have mispelled their last name. It was a Sunday "thing" to pack 4 grownups and 7 kids in their big Chrysler and spend all afternoon sightseeing. I am so excited to run across pictures of the old downtown buildings! If I remember correctly, the PO then was located in the back of the small grocery store. Thank you so much for reviving some of my favorite memories in your photos.

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