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07:23 pm - Wed, April 1 2015
Thank you so much for honoring such a great place with a gallery of my images along with your great write up about the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!
09:40 am - Thu, April 2 2015
Dianna said:
I am so disgusted by the brutally of the federal government for what they are doing to the wild horses. I love horses they are such gentle animals. I have had some experience with horses that have helped children with disabilities.
These horses have roomed the west since the beginning of time. I pray all the time that this will stop, just like the killing of the wolves. I blame corporate greed and the department of agricultural.....
just vile disgusting people with no values except for the all might dollar.
my hear breaks,
11:44 am - Thu, April 2 2015
Rebecca Johnson said:
You're welcome, Deborah!
03:15 pm - Mon, April 6 2015
Kerry Bowers said:
The Black Hills Horse Sanctuary is such a beautiful place! I plan on visiting again this year!
09:31 am - Tue, April 7 2015
Jarris Wentzel said:
Another great set of photos Deb! Always enjoy your shots and so nice to see you in South Dakota Magazine!!!! Congrats to you ;~)
07:49 am - Fri, April 24 2015
Thank you so much Jarris Wentzel ! Its a big honor for me to be asked for images here :D

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