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08:50 am - Wed, December 30 2020
james s pease said:
Thank you so much for showing these murals. I grew up in Huron (1948-1970) and continually relate to the history and values that I learned in Huron (and South Dakota). Although the murals are obviously before my time, I can relate to the Fair scenes with great memories both from attending EVERY DAY and every year and working their some summers. Also I can relate to the Agricultural scenes, having working on a farm several years. Although I can't relate to the stage coach, I certainly recall my dad's telling stories of his driving a stage couch in the Black Hills as young worker. The flatness is clear to me. I look forward to returning to Huron this summer to see the murals in person. As your suggestion is Manolis Grocery and the Pheasant, I look forward to re-visiting each. Thinking about Manolis and thinking about Steve Manolis who is an incredibly good artist in Florida and well worth recognizing. and of course thinking about the Plains with the Pheasant. I worked at the Plains for 6 years (Junior High and Highschool)--thinking about all of the parties, guests at the motel, roller skating, bowling, hair salon, golf, and the summer that we fed the baby buffalo in the back of the restaurant. And of course great memories of Al Barnes both at the Plains and his corn field and feedlot. thanks so much.

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