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January/February 1998

Garretson artist Nancy Kentfield's watercolors, such as this piece, "Prairie Barn Red," highlight South Dakota's natural beauty. 


Garretson's Quiet Treasure: How Nancy Kentfield balances art and small town life.

Explorers of a World Unseen: Curiosity led Herb and Jan Conn to map out Jewel Cave's depths. [read more]

Recording History in Inches and Feet: Snow is no match for South Dakota's volunteer weather observers.

Burial Mounds: Should we study or preserve the mysterious creations of the Mound Builders?

How Howard Measures Wealth: In this Miner County town, education is worth more than dollars and cents.

Visions for '98: Ten South Dakotans share their hopes for the coming year.

On the Trail of Lame Johnny: Tracking a Black Hills badman — and the truth.

The Browns of January: Sometimes you have to look hard to find beauty in a South Dakota winter.




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