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January/February 2009

Not many people climb Harney Peak in winter, but we found hardy college students Caleb Chapman and Chase Merfeld near the summit.


Ten "Must See"South Dakota Paintings: Some are famous, some should be. [read more]

The New Lower Brule: Lake Sharpe displaced this Crow Creek tribal town.

A River Road: Hopes are riding on the Native American Scenic Byway. [read more]

Our Best Broncs: Some of South Dakota's wildest bucking horses.

Lead Preserves the Pastie: Homestake miners enjoyed these traditional Cornish meat pies. [read more]

Coldlands Beauty: Photographer Carl Johnson explores the Badlands in winter. [read more]

Winter Hike on Harney Peak: You'll have the mountain to yourself. [read more]

Artist Mark Anderson: A Sioux Falls wildlife artist is changing his stripes.

Watching a Wizard: Gann Valley's biracial basketball team of 1954.

The 2009 Higher Ed Guide: Insider tips on our college towns.




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