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January/February 2016

Joe Andrews, 12, and our office dog, Yeller, prepare for a day outdoors. Joe and his sister Ellie appear in our cover story, "How to Grow a South Dakotan." Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


How to Grow a South Dakotan: Our guide to rearing kids with roots.

Flight of the Goosemobile: Tom and Ruth Neuberger of Canistota are seeking new owners for their mobile meat market.

Dirt Meridian: Photographer Andrew Moore's 10-year odyssey across our wide open spaces and places.

Witten: Life in a town along the 100th meridian. [read more]

Harney Peak's True Summit: The mountain's highest point is up for debate.

Ten Years of Hiking Harney: Matt Jackson, a Rapid City carpenter, has hiked to the top every month for a decade. [read more]

The Murder of Patsy Magner: Who killed Yankton's prizefighting bootlegger? [read more]

2016 Guide to Higher Education: Tips, quips and trivia from South Dakota university, college and tech school presidents. [read more]




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