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May/June 2019

Jaycee Jessop and Angie Bartel hike the Cheyenne River breaks near Wasta as a thunderstorm passes. Photo by Chad Coppess/S.D. Tourism.


Pilgrimage for the Soul: A reservation teacher's journey to sacred Lakota sites. 

Very, Very Nice Things: Living the high life in South Dakota.

For the Birds: Sand Lake rose from the dust and dirt of the Depression into a waterfowl haven.

The Real Hero: Kenneth Scissons became a comic book star, thanks to his exploits in WWII. 

Blessed Sacramints: Cream cheese candies are a must at graduations, weddings and other rites of passage.

Bikepacking in the Black Hills: A two-wheeled test of endurance through the pines. 

The Ironman Governor: Britton's Frank Farrar is our winningest ex-governor.

Lost in Grant County: A story of rural exodus on the Whetstone River.


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