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May/June 2020

Darya Tsaptsyna's illustration for our cover story, "South Dakota Strong," suggests that the state has more to offer the world than might be expected based on our size and population.


South Dakota Strong: Immigrants reflect on important lessons learned in their new home.

Birder to Birdwatcher:
 D. George Prisbe-Przybysz learns to appreciate a solitary pleasure at a leisurely pace.

Unfollow: A member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church finds a new life in South Dakota.

West Friends: Renovations at Deadwood's Friendship Tower stir memories of Seth Bullock and Teddy Roosevelt.

Accidental Rancher: Singer/songwriter Eliza Blue finds home in Perkins County.

A Healing Journey: Photographer Stephen Gassman seeks solace in South Dakota following a family tragedy. 

Tiny Towns: Kaylor is South Dakota's chislic capital. 

Born an Orphan: Why Gerald Cutshaw of Pierre has a double appreciation for Mother's Day.

Standing Rock's 'Mother Oracle': Mary Collins clashed with Sitting Bull, but befriended his people. 


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