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January/February 2021

A pronghorn nibbles prairie grass through a layer of freshly fallen snow. Photo by Dick Kettlewell


Search for the Missing Cycads: Where are the Fall River County fossils?

Winter Reader: Curl up with short stories by Henry Hughes, Steven Wingate and Jerry Wilson. 

Mitchell's Gingerbread Architect: Barb Feilmeier's tasty holiday hobby. [read more]

Where the Pronghorns Play: Dick Kettlewell photographs a graceful and underestimated species. [read more]

400 Roses: A special delivery led to inspiration for Kristine Reiner.

Tiny Towns: The fishing's good in Glenham.

2021 Guide to Higher Education: People to meet, fun adventures and other helpful tips for enjoying life on South Dakota campuses. [read more]




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