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January/February 2023

Les Heiserman is gaining a reputation for photographing and advocating on behalf of the mountain goats of Spearfish Canyon. He shot this photo of a goat displaying its sandpaper-like hooves.


After the Music Stopped: Stories still live at Milltown.

Goat Watcher: Les Heiserman is the citizen scientist of Spearfish Canyon.

Tongues in Granite Cheeks: Should Mount Rushmore be a laughing matter?

Alcester's Music Man: DeeCort Hammitt's everlasting gift to South Dakota.

The Trainer from Marcus: Bud Boudreau is a sheepdog savant.

Blazing Trails: The ingenuity behind Black Hills roads.

Winter Reader: Curl up with fiction stories by Barbara Duffey, Lori Walsh and John Andrews.

Tiny Towns: Staying humble in Doland.

2023 Guide to Higher Education: People to meet, fun adventures and other helpful tips for enjoying life on South Dakota's campuses.




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