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July/August 2009

Greg Latza of Sioux Falls produced the cover photograph of rock climbers in the Needles area of Custer State Park.


Pickerel Lake's Walls: Day County stone masons beautify the beach. [read more]

The Wheat Ritual: This grain is a way of life for thousands of South Dakota farm families. [read more]

Best Bike Rides: Cyclists pick their favorite routes in South Dakota.

Pie in a Bag: Tips from prize-winning apple pie maker Ruth Overby. [read more]

Radioactive Hills: Can we mine uranium safely in the southern Black Hills?

The State of Absaroka: Western secessionists wanted our mountains and cowboys. [read more]

The Last Nurseryman: A Gurney descendant carries on the seed & nursery tradition in Yankton. [read more]

Will We Change?: Will a market for organic beef grow in South Dakota? [read more]

Working Dogs: A West River rancher can always depend on a good stock dog. [read more]




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