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July/August 2013

The image comes from a Nancyjane Huehl mural titled Eileen and Da Vinci's Dream. As part of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport collection, it hangs near the Joe Foss statue. The pilot is Clifford Arlen Paranto, the artist's great-uncle.


Our Wild Blue Yonder: Aerial adventures of South Dakota's pilots.

Hoover Store: A lone store provides a community center in wild Castle Rock country. [read more]

State Park Odyssey: Photographer Christian Begeman captures South Dakota's wild places on camera.

The Long Road Home: The repatriation of warrior-showman Albert Afraid of Hawk.

Nightmare at Amsden Dam: Sorrow still ripples from a 1937 Day County tragedy.

Rolling on the Crouch Line: Retracing a Black Hills railroad route from Rapid City to Mystic.



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