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July/August 2014

The Dallas water tower, made famous by  Ripley's Believe it or Not. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


Mayoral Likes: South Dakota's city leaders give a town-by-town travel guide.

Looping Along Through Norbeck's Creation:  The untamed beauty of Custer State Park's Wildlife Loop. [read more]

Trial and Error in the Garden: Lessons learned at the local community garden. [read more]

Where Giants Came to Life: Explore our pioneer and literary past at Augustana College's Heritage Park in Sioux Falls.

Highway 385: This Black Hills road offers big art, good eats, dinosaurs, lakes and more. [read more]

Wessington's Chili Wars: Beef, pork or pineapple? The competition is fierce at Wessington's annual Fun Day. [read more]

Cheyenne Proud: Photographers Richard Steinberger and Matt Normann capture real life on the Cheyenne River Reservation.



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