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July/August 2018

Jonah Eisenhauer celebrates the Fourth of July at a barbecue near Dell Rapids. Photo by Wes Eisenhauer.


A One-Road Music Fest: Eliza Blue takes us backstage at the Sioux River Folk Festival.

Baseball at Four Corners: Our pastime flourishes at a lonely West River highway junction. [read more]

The Sylvan Lake Paintings: Watercolor artist Jon Crane hikes and paints out of his comfort zone.

Badlands Star Party: The universe comes alive in one of South Dakota's darkest places. 

A Sailing School: The Gavins Point Yacht Club is training a new generation of sailors. 

Back to the Prairie: Rediscovering artist Eugene Christopherson and his lost 'Little House' paintings.

Larger than Life: Remembering August Klindt, the Gann Valley Giant.



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