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July/August 2024

Seven Sisters, by Arikara artist Jennifer White of Sioux Falls, is a tribute to the beauty and fortitude of American Indian women.


Castlewood Comeback: Life after the 2022 tornado.

Homecoming Mission: A well-traveled collection returns to Rosebud.

Breath Taking: Walls and stairs brace our mountain towns.

The Sweet Spot: The wheat harvest is a Sully County tradition.

Healing Through Parfleche: An Indigenous art form provides comfort.

What's in the Water at Wallace?: A haven for duck stamp champions.

Mysteries of the Missing and Lost: Beresford author Chris Wevik shines light on cold cases.

Berry Hunting: Akin to Meditation: An introspective search for chokecherries.

Chokecherries and Other Wild Delicacies: Fruits of the prairie are unique treats.

Answer: Ben: Yankton's solo trivia champ.





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