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Is Sasquatch hiding out in the little mountain town of Keystone?
Is Sasquatch hiding out in the little mountain town of Keystone?

Keystone's Bigfoot

Dec 11, 2020


Bigfoot followers are watching the little Black Hills town of Keystone, where a Sasquatch-related announcement is coming Saturday, Dec. 19.

This isn’t the first time Bigfoot made news in South Dakota.

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) reports 19 official sightings of the hairy creatures through the years, including one as recently as June of 2019 when there was a report of howling near Rochford, which is only about 20 miles northwest of Keystone (as the crow flies).

South Dakota’s most publicized Bigfoot brouhaha happened in the late 1990s when numerous strange and curious reportings occurred in Corson County on South Dakota’s northern border. Merle Lofgren, then the editor of the weekly McLaughlin Messenger, began to write stories about the rumors and sightings. 

Lofgren was well-respected by fellow journalists. He was also beloved for his wit and irreverence. His weekly column, “From the Top of the Hill,” became a running commentary on how a rural community responds to a worldwide mystery like Big Foot.

The McLaughlin editor’s reports got the attention of other media. In September of 1997, Larry Fuller, the publisher of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, chartered a plane and sent a team of photographers and writers to investigate. Tom Hasner, a veteran reporter, was aboard. 

Fuller told Hasner, “We are uncertain at this point what is actually happening in the McLaughlin area. We are, however, convinced that there is sufficient evidence of a monster-like creature to merit a further investigation.” 

Hasner learned that most of the sightings came after dark. “The descriptions match those of the elusive fact-or-fiction Bigfoot creature whose unusual habitat is the mountainous forests of the northwestern United States.” One local man said the descriptions were always the same: a seven-to-eight foot hairy creature with long arms and an offensive odor. According to the BFRO website, that description matches numerous sightings from throughout the USA.

Another man told Hasner that he went on a horseback search with friends and found tracks east of Little Eagle. “One of the guys wears a size 13 boot,” he said. “He stepped beside the footprint and hardly made an imprint at all. I guess he weighs about 240 pounds.” The Bigfoot prints left an impression 2 1/2 inches deep.

Lofgren died in 2008 and the beleaguered daily newspapers of today probably couldn’t charter a flight to Corson County for the Second Coming, so another Bigfoot sighting there could go unreported.

However, in Keystone there are rumors and rumblings — even confirmed sightings by unimpeachable sources — of a very large Bigfoot, something much bigger than eight feet. South Dakota Magazine has sent a correspondent to the vicinity of Horsethief Lake to keep watch. 

All we know for certain is that the public is invited to Keystone on Saturday, Dec. 19 (11 am to 2 pm) for what’s billed as a Bigfoot Bash. Unlike most Sasquatch sightings, this seems well organized. It will be hosted in the big parking lot of Dahl’s Chainsaw Art, with games for kids, food trucks, hot chocolate, live music and door prizes. 

Wear boots and bring a tape measure.


08:45 pm - Sat, January 30 2021
Randy Hill said:
I am born and raised local. Spent the majority of my Adult life in the Hills and I can tell you this for certain, there are far FAR more sightings of something Big (9' + in height) Dark To medium Brown in color estimations well in excess of 400+ lbs that go un reported because people are afraid of ridicule or being thought Loony Toons . Of my Adult life here well over 60% of my life has been spent actually out in the Hills either for work, Hunting or Fishing and I have seen and heard things I can not explain. I have been in places within the Hills you can only reach by cant drive or ride to these places its simply impossible. You could get dropped in by helicopter but unless your in great shape and know how to get in and out safely you just dont go period. Some of the noises I have heard both early Morning, late afternoon and at various times throughout the night are made by NO ANIMAL THAT RESIDES OR EVEN MIGHT TRAVEL THROUGH THE HILLS because from Mt.Lions in Heat to All sorts of Fox, Coyote and the occasional stray wolf from Wyoming even Elk in Rut, the occasional Black Bear in the Northern Hills I have heard them all and they make NO SOUNDS like I have heard. They sound almost human like but the places I've heard these sounds your just not going to find your average hiker, hunter or stumbling summer time tourists.
I know of many others who have like me both heard and seen things that keep it to themselves so there is alot more going on than most know about.
06:55 am - Sun, March 7 2021
Marvin Hoovet said:
I have been hunting, working in the woods since I was very young. I grew up in western Maryland, and western Pennsylvania. I had 2 different sightings in the western Pa. This is part of the Appalachian Mts. I was a teenager at the time of these sightings. Years later, I was living in Va. I went hunting in the mountains around skyline drive, this is state game lands. I was near a place called the devil's ditch on the mountain early one morning during muzzle loader season, just as I tried my seat to a tree, I heard what sounded like trees being broken. It sounded like multiple trees being snapped off. Then a few minutes later I heard what sounded like large rocks , more like boulders being thrown down the hill. I could not see anything ,because it was just getting daylight. I have never had anything happen in all my years in the woods. I went back down the mountain ,and never went to this area again.
10:22 am - Sun, September 19 2021
Sam Kovar said:
I live in Texas. But, my dad retired in 1995 and went to live in deadwood SD. in 2004 he lived outside of the town of Lead. Up in the hills pretty high. I had an encounter at 2 am as one of these creatures came to the 2nd story window outside of the bedroom I was sleeping in. It was summer time as I was visiting. Changed my life forever. I have never had another encounter and I don't want to. I dont care what anyone says, that creature did what they call the samurai tale or just sounded like jibberish to me. I could feel the bass of its large lungs shake the bedroom. I was 33 at the time. I was not stoned, drunk etc... I still get goosebumps here in 2021 when I think or talk about it.
09:31 pm - Wed, November 30 2022
This happened somewhere around 2001-2003. My adoptive mother, Fern Poor Thunder, and her boyfriend, James Fire Thunder, came home from a Bluegrass concert in Deadwood, SD. It was late or very early in the morning both being tired, they stopped at the inner section at Sharp’s Corner, SD, to take a little nap before they drive even further on to Martin, SD. This creature comes out of the cattails, stooped down to take a drink of water from one of the puddles off the road, as he stands up, he looks at my Mom and James, turns around, and walks back into the cattails. My Mom and James started the car back up and headed back to Martin.
02:35 pm - Tue, February 7 2023
Nick Swan said:
Anyone who would like to share their Bigfoot sighting or encounter, please contact me. I’d like to interview you for a writing project I’m independently working on.
02:36 pm - Tue, February 7 2023
Nick White Swan said:
Anyone who would like to share their Bigfoot sighting or encounter, please contact me. I’d like to interview you for a writing project I’m independently working on. ( or on FB)
12:09 pm - Tue, May 9 2023
Caida U Le said:
Last summer, I was in hot springs SD and it was really late, around 2:00 in the morning, we went to pull our aunts car out of the mud she got stuck in, and we ended up getting her out, and got her car back home, she "lived" on a ranch with a young tree that was about, 15 feet in size still growing, and it was dark out we where having a conversation on the deck infront of her house, when her hunting dogs darted towards the field barking, and these dogs werent scared of even cougers, but seconds later they came back scared and hair up tails tucked and whining. My aunt and brother in law both went inside to get guns screaming for me to get in but, I felt like taking a glance quick to see what it could be, and with the moonlights help I could see a tall black figure next to the young tree making the tree only a few feet taller than it, and it was moving down the hill towards me, I cannot guess an avarge hight but this creature had to be something un heard of and I dont know where to tell my story im scared people will frown me for my encounter but ive never been more scared before myself.

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