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07:38 am - Mon, March 5 2012
Lee Schoenbeck said:
great photos - Murph is a marksman with his lens. The Matt McCauley photo really captures a piece of lobbyist history in our state --- peering through the edge of the glass ---- great work.
08:43 am - Mon, March 5 2012
Bernie Hunhoff said:
Great job, Murph. You shoulda done a self-portrait, too, cause you are one of the great Pierre characters.
09:22 am - Mon, March 5 2012
Anne Richards said:
Jeremiah nice work! Hope to see more of your amazing talent!
09:56 am - Mon, March 5 2012
Steve Siegel said:
Love the photos, Murph! Well done. You could quit your day job and become a professional photographer, but I advise against doing that.

Hope you are doing well, pal. Thanks for sharing your great photos.
11:01 am - Mon, March 5 2012
Ron Parsons said:
Great photos - do you have enough for a Part II?
12:45 pm - Mon, March 5 2012
Lisa said:
Fantastic subject and photos, Jeremiah!

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