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March/April 1993

Rapid City artist Daryl Poulin painted "Tatanka Badlands" in 1990. 


The Rodeo Clown: Duane Reichert mixes comedy with athleticism and cowboy safety.

When the Buffalo Roamed: These noble "lions of the prairie" were almost obliterated when white men invaded their lands.

Climbing the Campanile: South Dakota State University's tall tower is more than just a campus landmark.

The Sioux Ridge: Park areas north and east of Sioux Falls are rich with quartzite.

Muddy, Floody Mo: Nadine Mickelson recalls the pre-dam years when the Missouri regularly rose from its banks. [read more]

Getting to Hope: A rural church community in northwest South Dakota.

Fort Pierre: The oldest continuously inhabited white settlement in the region is still making history.

Mushroom Hunting: This is the season when mushroom hunters sneak away to their favorite fields. [read more]

Badlands Ranchers: Self-reliance is a necessity, but for those who can cope on their own there's no better lifestyle.

Springtime on the Prairie: Linda Hasselstrom's essay will get you in the mood for meadowlarks and April mud.




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