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March/April 2004

Children refresh themselves in Roughlock Falls. Photo by Paul Horsted.


Earth, Air, Fire — and Water: An exploration of Black Hills waterfalls.

Changing Clay: South Dakota ceramists mold earth into pots and art.

Four Survivors in Buffalo County: "It was kill or be killed" on Normandy Beach in 1944. 

Mobridge to Lemmon on Highway 12: Traveling a colorful stretch of the Yellowstone Trail.

Brandon's Boom: An old Minnehaha County town where most everything is new.

Sturgis's Grand Dame: Pearl Hoel is the mother of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. [read more]

South Dakota at 75 MPH: Interstate 90 through the eye of Paul Horsted's camera.

Frontier Phantoms: When Lake Oahe's waters are low, the ghosts of LeBeau still show. [read more]

Edgemont's Slow Roll: The uranium boom went bust, but imagination brings new life to Fall River County.

Prairie City's Petrified Tree: Nature's art from an ancient swamp in northwestern South Dakota. 




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