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March/April 2017

JoJo lives on the Jim River Ranch, near one of Spink County's many old bridges built back in the horse and buggy days. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


Bridging the James: South Dakota struggles to maintain 5,800 bridges, including many century-old relics in Spink County.

Light in the Darkness: Christian Begeman shares his artistic and spiritual journey photographing South Dakota's country churches.

Hitchcock's Meeting Place: The DK Cafe needs new proprietors.

Movie Man: Volin filmmaker Chuck Nauman's movie camera has been focused on South Dakota and the world for 70 years.

Prospecting in the Hills: Gold miners still carry pans and pickaxes deep into our mountain valleys. [read more]

The House Movers: An occupation harder than it looks.

Horse Nation: Native artists are exploring new ground, but the horse has not been left behind. 



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