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May/June 2004

Greg Latza encountered these powerful storm clouds southeast of Fort Pierre, along Highway 1806. The setting sun reflected off the rolling hills and clouds, creating an eerie natural light.


Living Downtown: From Spearfish to Yankton to Sioux Falls, people are rediscovering the pleasures and conveniences of main street.

Subtlety in Springtime: After a long South Dakota winter, we appreciate the colors of spring.

Groton's Yields: The Glacial Lakes community grows everything from kids to art to corn and beans.

These Hills are Made for Running: Why marathoners love the Mickelson Trail. 

Britton's Beauty: The Marshall County photographs of John Front.

The Devil's Bathtub: A quiet pool in the northern Black Hills.

USD's Anarchist Professor: Was Alexander Pell a mild-mannered professor or a cold-blooded killer? [read more]

Making Lefse: Eleanore Bremmon of Britton shows how to make the Scandinavian treat.

Prairie Palaces of Justice: South Dakota's 64 courthouses harbor history, charm and tales.

The Birthday Gift: A story without regrets. Fiction by Jamie Lee.

Holy Spirit Chapel: A sanctuary hewn from the cliffs of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Traveling Highway 1804: If Lewis and Clark returned today, this Missouri River route is the road they'd take.




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