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May/June 2013

A West River cowboy, chaps and all, was captured in prairie cinematic style by Jean Laughton, a photographer from Interior.


Learning to Fly: Interactions between horse hooves and the heart on the back roads of Dewey County.

South Dakota Secrets: From wild asparagus hunting  to calf roping — tips to help you make the most of life in South Dakota.

Love for the Game: Six heroes of town-team baseball. [read more]

A Spa at Midland: Small town warmth, hot mineral baths and the healing hands of George Stroppel.

Coach Howard Wood: The Dakota Relays are a running memorial to Sioux Falls' legendary coach.

Galena's Ghosts: The quiet Black Hills mountain village reverberates with mining history. [read more]

General Beadle: William Henry Harrison Beadle outmaneuvered Chief Drifting Goose and defended Jack McCall, but we remember how he saved South Dakota schools.

Spring Branding: South Dakota's east-west divide is bridged by family tradition at Newt & Carol Hicks' ranch near Utica.




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