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May/June 2014

Mount Rushmore chief carver Luigi Del Bianco (left, on scaffold) helped repair a flaw in Jefferson's lip. Photo from the Del Bianco family collection.


Dances With Wolves—25 Years Later: Did Kevin Costner's award-winning epic western film have a lasting impact in South Dakota?

A Blast in Wilmot: The Roberts County town skirted tragedy on February 17, 1939.

A Nature Hike Sans Solitude: Crazy Horse Memorial hosts the nation's biggest volksmarch. [read more]

Redwater Trolley to Nowhere: Was it the mountain air that sparked dreams of hydroelectric power and public transportation in the Northern Black Hills?

Sitting Bull — His Wives and Horses: Josephine Waggoner's account of the Hunkpapa Lakota leader's wisdom and compassion.

Slight of Hand: How history shortchanged Mount Rushmore artist Luigi Del Blanco. [read more]

Early to the Rodeo: Learn new ways to enjoy South Dakota's state sport by showing up early to the Burke Stampede.




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