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May/June 2018

Sadie Hansen and her daughter, Stella, modeled for our cover story, "Travel Like It's 1938."


Travel Like It's 1938: Touring the state with a Depression-era guidebook. [read more]

A Time-Traveled Treat: How Swedish kringle came to a Wilmot farm. [read more]

In Search of the Fairburn Agate: Our state gemstone lies hidden in the Black Hills and Badlands. [read more]

Winter Count Quest: Preserving an ancient Lakota timekeeping art. 

Dayton Hyde — Free to Run: Wild mustangs corralled a spirited writer in South Dakota. 

Mayfield Store Stories: This dot on the Yankton County map has a past; does it have a future?

Inside & Out: A celebration of South Dakota design and architecture.




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