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May/June 2021

Abandoned silica caves near Deerfield Lake are now a playground for children, including Ashlyn and Ariana Lindsay of Minneapolis.


Hollowed Hill of Ditch Creek: An old silica mine near Deerfield has become a modern-day curiosity.

Why Knot?:
Nuptials that could only happen in South Dakota.

All Trails Lead to D.C. Booth: Spearfish’s historic national fish hatchery has become part of the community.

Pizza at Kate’s Cottage: Gaylan and Gale Gors serve hospitality and wood-fired pizza near Beresford.

Pine Needle Basketry: Trisha Blair preserves the ancient art in Hot Springs. [read more]

The Flute Renaissance: Kevin Locke and Bryan Akipa guide the indigenous flute into the 21st century.



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