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November/December 1992

Faulkton artist Charles T. Greener (1870-1935) liked to take early morning walks in search of inspiration. One very cold, crisp morning he came upon "Coyote at Sunrise," which he quickly sketched and turned into one of his most popular works.


Coyote Tales: South Dakota's state mascot has attracted almost as many stories as he has enemies.

Shirttail Canyon Ranch: They're just abandoned buildings nestled in a Black Hills canyon now, but they were once a family's dream.

Quiet, Beauty and Snow: Late fall camping can easily turn into winter camping. [read more]

Boundaries of Stone: South Dakota's state boundary markers of Sioux Falls quartzite.

Folksy Estelline: A northeastern South Dakota town that's worked to prosper, not just survive.

Burnt Hills: Burning minerals on Missouri's shore created what explorers thought might be South Dakota volcanoes. [read more]

Aberdeen's Easton Castle: A grand old home that doubles as a veterinary shop and used to have its own train in the back yard.

Stuck for Christmas: Fictional story about a Christmas when nothing quite worked out right.




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