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November/December 1995

Northern State University art professor Mark McGinnis traveled around the state interviewing and painting 15 elders of the faith. This is McGinnis' perception of Steve Charging Hawk.


Downtown Rapid: Old charm mixed with new surprises gives Black Hills visitors plenty to see and do.

Crow Creek Excavation: Mosasaurs and plesiosaurs are bringing people and cultures together in South Dakota.

Indian Women: Lakota author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve shares her viewpoints. [read more]

Rugged as a Rock: Ipswich was built on a firm foundation by people like Joe Parmley...but there's still work to be done.

Elders of the Faith: Though their faces are weathered and creased, these South Dakotans reflect beauty and wisdom.

Old Timer On Skates Outshoots Them All: A Wessington Springs duck hunt turned fowl when an old neighbor took to the ice. [read more]

Frosting the Competition: Steve Stellingwerf shares some tips and recipes from 20 years in the baking business.

A Pickstown Avon Lady?: Writer John Hilpert explains and also shares other tidbits he dug out of his co-workers.

Following the Wind: Michael Melius takes readers inside the cavernous maze called Jewel Cave.



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