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November/December 2011

Doc Middleton was a Nebraska outlaw who gravitated northward to run saloons in southwestern South Dakota. Photo courtesy of Nebraska State Historical Society.


Rogues and Scofflaws: South Dakota's scandalous ancestors.

Friday Night Football: Sports tradition reigns the pigskin prairies.

Lady Leatherheads: Madison hosted the first powderpuff football game. [read more]

Claremont's Glory Days: For seven years, the Claremont Honkers ruled six-man football.

A Developing Story: Rand Williams of Spearfish is a matchmaker of old buildings and today's dreams. [read more]

Quadman Saves Aberdeen: The Hub City is flying high with arts, culture, jobs and young people.

Christmas at the Capitol: Holiday spirit lightens Pierre's halls of government.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made gifts. [read more]




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