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November/December 2015

Arthur Short Bull's diptych Interpretations of Wounded Knee explored the 1890 massacre (on our cover) and the 1973 occupation.


Wounded Knee — The Massacre: Mistrust and misunderstanding collided in the winter of 1890, resulting in South Dakota's deepest tragedy.

Interpretations of Wounded Knee: How South Dakota artists illustrate a horrific event.

Living With the Massacre: Wounded Knee as seen by the descendants of those who survived.

Pine Ridge Today: Exploring the beautiful reservation lands. [read more]

Rez Ball: Basketball brings communities and cultures together in Rapid City every December at the Lakota Nation Invitational.

This Is Our Family: Sioux Falls' Middle Eastern community adopts a Thanksgiving tradition — and each other.

Winter in Keystone: Mount Rushmore's historic hometown catches its breath as the days grow colder. [read more]

2015 Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made products makes gift-giving easy. [read more]




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