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November/December 2016

Wintertime brings fun in the snow for South Dakota kids. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


An Original River Town: Art rises from adversity in Springfield. [read more]

For Lack of a Handshake: Descendants of General William Harney and Chief Little Thunder provide a lesson in reconciliation.

Ammonia Cookies: Baker's ammonia is the secret ingredient in a Scotland woman's childhood favorite. 

Who Lies in the Custer Graves: The Seventh Cavalry provided Bon Homme County's oldest mystery. [read more]

The Fix-it Man: South Dakota's repairmen are mainstays of Main Street.

Little Manor on the Prairie: De Smet's Prairie House Manor is a Victorian Bed & Breakfast with ties to the Ingalls family.

Wrong from Right: Sifting through the legend of Hugh Glass in search of fact.

Brother Builders: Artists with ax and saw, the Juso brothers shaped Black Hills architecture and tourism.

2016 Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made products makes gift-giving easy. [read more]




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