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November/December 2017

Brock Axthelm and his dog, Goose, paddle on Iron Creek Lake. Photo by Jesse Brown Nelson.


The Stockholm Pianos: Pianos outnumber people, thanks to Steve Misener.

Found in Her Suitcase: An author's family discovers sequels to Land of the Burnt Thigh.

Stories Beneath the Stones: Young researchers are uncovering the stories of soldiers buried in South Dakota's national cemeteries. 

The Lutefisk Tradition: Lye-soaked cod is serious business in Summit.

Saintly Swindler: William Kroeger played doctor and preacher in Epiphany.

The Winter Deer Hunt: Initiating a new generation into a South Dakota tradition. [read more]

Goodnight, Mrs. Pierre: Ida McNeil's radio reports helped unite West River. [read more]

Manhattan Island: South Dakota's most populated island is welcoming a few newcomers.

2017 Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made products makes gift-giving easy. [read more]




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