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November/December 2019

A cone at Lemmon's Petrified Wood Park is decorated with a holiday wreath.


Origin Stories: New South Dakotans share their holiday traditions.

The Badlands Ranch: Phil and Amy Kruse are pioneers of hospitality at the Circle View Ranch B&B near Interior. [read more]

Sweet Victory at Last: A happy ending to the Sturgis Scoopers' long losing streak.

Our Doolittle Raiders: Following the flight paths of South Dakota war heroes Hank Potter and Don Smith.

Big Stone Holiday Beans: Barbara Hoffbeck Scoblic recreates her mother's specialty. 

Healing at Hiawatha: Uncovering sad stories at the site of the Canton Indian Asylum.

Holiday Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made products makes gift-giving easy. [read more]




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