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12:14 pm - Thu, September 29 2011
Bernie Hunhoff said:
Thanks Jana, this brings back some good memories. This has to be one of the strangest attraction for kids in the country, but I think parents like it too, cause its free and the panoramic view is worth the climb.
06:54 pm - Thu, September 29 2011
Jim said:
The dinosaurs have to be one of the most enduring public works in SD. It's one of those touchstones for the whole state. Everybody seems to have been there at one time or another. But my mom assures me that when they visited the park frequently as students during WWII they were simple gray concrete. No paint. Hats off to those South Canyon Baptists anyone who thinks kids today aren't ambitious about work should have seen this bunch scraping and painting.
04:20 am - Fri, September 30 2011
LouElla said:
Long live the "Dino" park! During the dreadful "dirty thiries" each summer the trip to Rapid included the visit up the hill for the great view. Remember, Disney was still perfecting "Mickey Mouse" and friends. This was our version of Disney World!
06:55 am - Fri, September 30 2011
Katie said:
We had a story a while ago saying there is a hidden time capsule in one of the dinosaurs -- but no one remembers where it is. Great photos, Jana! Thanks for sharing.
06:58 am - Fri, September 30 2011
John Andrews said:
Now the painters should give the Tinkertown pheasant and nag a fresh coat.
07:01 am - Fri, September 30 2011
Laura said:
I’ve always loved Dinosaur Park, so what this post has given me is a renewed appreciation for Franklin Roosevelt, the WPA, and whoever it was out in Rapid City that thought that constructing giant concrete dinosaurs was a good use of taxpayer money. No trip out west feels complete without a stop to see the big guys.

I hope our Meridian Bridge project here in Yankton is similarly beloved in years to come.

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