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Peanut "Farming"

Nov 11, 2011

South Dakota weather is so unpredictable. We’ve had an unseasonably warm fall in Yankton and it made me wish I had kept my garden going longer. A surprise hail storm this summer took out a lot of our plants, but do you know what survived? The peanuts!

I didn't even know you could grow peanuts in South Dakota until a few months ago. My husband and I spotted starter Spanish peanut plants at a local greenhouse and decided to try it. They already had lush oval leaves when we transplanted the plants to our garden in May, but you may be able to start your own plant indoors with a raw peanut.

You need loose or sandy soil for the peanuts to grow, so we planted them in small mounds like you might a potato plant. Initially I thought the peanuts grow from the roots - well, actually I thought they grew on trees - but the peanuts form from small yellow flowers that bloom near the bottom of the plant. When the flowers lose their petals, a stem that looks a little like a skinny peanut forms and gets pulled into the dirt by gravity. This is where the peanut comes from.

It takes most of the summer or longer for the peanuts to mature. They are ready to harvest when the leaves turn yellow and you can expect 30-60 peanuts per plant. When ready, carefully pull up the entire plant, shake off the dirt, and hang it in a warm, dry place to dry for one to two weeks. 

Roasting in the shell is fairly easy:

1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

2. Spread the peanuts in a single layer in a shallow pan.

3. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, stirring frequently.


08:41 am - Mon, November 14 2011
Katie said:
I never heard of anyone growing peanuts in SD before. Cool. So how many peanuts did your plant produce?
08:48 am - Mon, November 14 2011
Rebecca said:
About 30. I think it would have done better, but I put my garden in late because of the wet spring we had. It was fun to try and they smell amazing while you are roasting them.
01:45 pm - Thu, April 12 2012
Curt Pressler said:
My father and I planted peanuts in Sioux Falls in the 1960's. we also survived the hail and I had the greatest show and tell in 4th grade. Polling the class for me, at the time, the teacher discovered all students thought peanuts grew on trees. i hope to share my experience with children as a Master Gardener this year in Watertown, SD. I will start some seed under lights to get a head start and the remaider direct sown in my O' Henry Garden. We hope to roast peanuts at the Farmers Market !
01:49 pm - Thu, April 12 2012
Laura said:
That sounds like so much fun. Good luck with your crop!
01:24 pm - Fri, December 17 2021
Gary Croon said:
I also tried growing peanuts in South Dakota during the Summer of 2020. COMPLETE FAILURE!!! Not because of bad seed, bad growing condition, bad care but instead of hungry deer!!! I planted 10 hills and they were about 6-7 inches high and then one morning they were GROUND LEVEL. I have my garden at a friends place in the country so next time I will cover to protect them. One consolation was that the deer missed one small stem and I harvested ONE peanut.

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